>The big thaw?

>I got my laptop back – check. I have no idea what goes wrong with it when it does that. If I send it to sleep, or if it goes to sleep in front of me, I just hit a key and back it comes. If it goes off while I’m not there, I have to wait for the battery to run down before rebooting, and that can’t be good for it. Perhaps it’s a power-down or something. I’ll have to look at my energy saving settings. BUT, it’s back, and that’s the first positive for this week.

The big melt – check. Yesterday teatime it got very wet here in the Land That Time Forgot. We’ve not been able to get out of the End of the Road to Nowhere because those that have tried have often got stuck. The top road is fine, down here in Baggins Bottom it’s been arctic-like. But yesterday, when reports of more snowfall started to come in from Sheffield and parts of Barnsley, it was raining here. It froze over night, but the big melt seems to be continuing today and more people have got out of the road.

Hot water – tentative check. I’ve been without proper hot water for about 4 days. I’m convinced it’s either the outside temperature (it’s a combi-boiler so the water comes through from the outside mains rather than sits in a hot water cylinder), or it’s the deployment of my gas supply. The central heating is on high, the hot water is on high, the fire has been on, and sometimes the stove has been on too, and it’s all gas.

Running the hot tap, the flame has either not come on at all, or switched itself off halfway through. This morning I had hot water to both the kitchen sink and the bathroom wash hand basin, not piping hot, but warm enough and continuous. So I’m hoping it’s struggling back to normality, which isn’t great but usually adequate (temperamental).

Snotty nose – check. I seem to have the beginnings of a streaming cold …

I haven’t been able to get someone down to look at the running guttering because, (a) they can’t get down the road, and (b) I wouldn’t put a ladder up in this. However, the keep fat buddy’s hubby has already been up there and he knows what needs doing – it needs replacing. But I can’t get the work done until I’ve been paid for confidential job #1, and they keep coming back with yet more amendments so I’ve not been able to finalise the invoice yet.

I’ve not paid for my holiday to Fishguard yet either, for the same reason. I’m hoping they’ll keep my place open for me. I got a reminder on Friday and it was supposed to have been paid for at the end of December. Pay day isn’t for another fortnight, but I understand there’s a solution on the way, which is most gratefully received, so as soon as I can, I’ll get the thing paid for.

Today I have more amendments to do on confidential job #1. When they went quiet for 3 weeks I thought it was all ok, so I’ve had to rejig the diary to fit that in and get it back to them. I’ve done the slimming blog this morning, and I’ve kept the gig list up to date (ish) via the phone and this morning, but those are 3 more ticks (including this one) for the day.

Day job
I also have with me some copy for our website at work. I need to check through the existing stuff we’re keeping, then work through the extra stuff to decide what I want to replace and add. I brought it home in case I got stranded again, and if the weather’s icy tomorrow, I may give it one more day and work from home.

This work will keep me going for a good chunk of it. Once I’ve decided on the copy I’m keeping, I’ll have to send it off to the people concerned to see if they’re still happy with it (much of it was taken quite a while ago), then maybe arrange for new photography to accompany the updated words. I brought the work laptop home with me in case mine didn’t come back – now all I have to do is remember to take it back in with me when I go back to work.

I baked a dozen fairy cakes (currant buns) and made a raspberry trifle, but I didn’t make the chili con carne. The meat I got out of the freezer looked a bit pale to me, and anyway, the company I was going to share it with couldn’t make it due to the weather.

I know the snow is old news now, and I know I don’t usually mind it, but it’s been a nuisance for me this time out too, in more ways than one. Bring on more of the big thaw.