>January to do

>A bit late, but here’s my to do list for the month, including the last week of December (so some duplicates and quite a big writing list):


  • update blog & gig list daily
  • gig list for January
  • gig list for February
  • freelance calendar work – January
  • invoice confidential job #1
  • diary work for February


  • Confidential job #1 amendments
  • OUTLINE The Magic of the Wilderness
  • #1 The Magic of the Wilderness
  • #2 The Magic of the Wilderness
  • #3 The Magic of the Wilderness
  • EDIT The Magic of the Wilderness (competition entry)
  • #1 Lycra Louts
  • #2 The Beast Within chapter 1
  • #3 Barcelona
  • EDIT Romulus
  • transcribe Voices from the Dearne Valley tapes x 4
  • OUTLINE The Beast Within chapter 2
  • #1 Walking in the Wye Valley
  • #2 Lycra Louts
  • #3 The Beast Within chapter 1
  • EDIT Barcelona
  • arrange more interviews for Voices from the Dearne Valley
  • filler/reader’s letter x 1
  • walk review x 1

Day job

  • weekly timesheet
  • website work
  • departmental brochure work
  • plan spring magazine
  • confirm contributors for spring magazine


  • attend at least one rock gig per week
  • monthly hair appointment
  • read at least 1 novel

Health & fitness

  • nurse appointment
  • long-distance walk x 1
  • update slimming blog weekly


  • weekly, fortnightly and monthly household chores
  • weekly grocery shopping
  • weekly baking/batch cooking
  • arrange to have guttering fixed

4 thoughts on “>January to do

  1. Lacey Devlin 14 January 2010 / 3:01 am

    >You've forgotten to put sleep somewhere on that list… 😉


  2. Lynne Hackles 14 January 2010 / 10:04 am

    >And now I've read this entry I'm going to have a lie down.When I first saw the heading I thought 'Oh good, perhaps this is something I can copy.' Alas no. I tried spinning in a cirlce to emerge as Wonderwoman but fell over.


  3. Diane 14 January 2010 / 10:15 am

    >Suzanne: Yes, it is – I wonder how many ticks I shall have and how many will move to next month …Lacey: And breathe. I need to breathe sometimes too.Lynne: Oh dear, that doesn't sound very good. But if you write down everything that you do in one month, I'd bet your list is even bigger than mine. It's amazing what we get through, I just need that added motivation of lots of ticks, even little ones.


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