>In perspective

>Yesterday’s To Do list for January seems to have scared a few people, but if you think about it, I’d bet that if everyone wrote down everything they did in any one month, their lists would be just as long. I tend to write down every little thing because I find lots of ticks as I do them hugely motivating, even the little ones.

There are 40 items on that list, but remember that I put outline, draft 1, draft 2, draft 3 and edit for every story, article or chapter, whereas other people might just write “The Magic of the Wilderness” or “The Beast Within chapter 1″, making my 5 steps or jobs just one. So if you divide my writing list, for example, by 5, it would be a lot shorter. There are 3 edits on there, which means 3 completed items, plus a walk review and at least one filler or reader’s letter, but I’ve included the writing stages for the main items too.

Of the 40 items, I’ve already ticked, or greened out (green for HURRAY), 14 of them. My Life section is already fully completed, and I have one more job to do for the day job, and the Day Job section will also be completed. Of course, the actual day job is ongoing as I’m working on this stuff all the time, but soon as it’s going, it’s ticked. There is also just one thing to tick in each of the Household and Health & Fitness sections too, because everything else is already started.

So it’s really not that bad, it just looks like a huge list. A huge list will put some people off, and sometimes it does put me off. However, a huge list full of ticks (or all green) is far more satisfying. And when I get “so what have you done all month?” (which I used to get when I was married), I can say “I did these 40 things, what did you do?”.

This is the way it works for me. It works other ways for other people. But when other people scoff the way it works for me, I get blocked because I feel stupid, eccentric and inadequate. Whatever way it works for you, do it, and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. But if you’re trying out different procedures and prompts, try out some of mine. You never know, they may work for you too.

If you think this is scary, though, take a look at what Devon and Kate get through. I’m an amateur in comparison.

Yesterday I got the first lot of amendments done and submitted for confidential job #1, and I managed some website work for the day job, got the departmental brochures ball rolling, and started planning the spring magazine.

Today, I need to finish the rest of the amendments, complete the draft website copy for approval, and get the plans for the magazine up on the magazine database.

I also need to call the library to renew my books (not wanting to drive into tiny villages where the roads may still be treacherous), and collect some basic grocery supplies on the way home (milk, bread, eggs, bacon, etc).

We have fog today. Yesterday we had severe black ice and very dangerous paths and roads everywhere. We have “light snow” forecast for Saturday, and brilliant sunshine forecast for Sunday.