>When I got up this morning it was raining. Hallelujah! It’s not that I’ve gone off the snow at all, but it’s been dealt with so badly it really is getting in the way of everything and causing all sorts of problems. I’d be happy for it to rain and rain and rain and rain and rain, but then, when coupled with the thaw, that would probably lead to flooding problems.

Last night I watched the beginning of a special Tonight programme on telly all about the big freeze. They interviewed someone in Scandinavia, or similar, and they said if they kept their kids off school because of a snow dump, the social worker would come to visit. They also said that if the temperature dropped to below -15 degrees, then the kids wouldn’t have to go outside during their break.

So-called experts were pointing out that this kind of weather is a once-in-30-years occurrence and they asked if it was worth forking out to “snow-proof” Britain. When you also consider how many lives are lost or how many accidents there are and what the estimated “clean-up” cost is going to be, surely it is worth forking out, especially when the last once-in-30-years crisis happened less than 12 months ago when we ran out of grit again and roads weren’t cleared and people couldn’t get to work and kids couldn’t get to school.

Perhaps we’re all supposed to do what The Villager snapped people doing in his village. Perhaps this is what the powers-that-be would have us all doing, including the elderly or the infirm. Shocking.

But anyway, it’s raining now so hopefully we’ve seen the last of this once-in-30-years occurrence for now … until February …

My amendments are coming along, I hope to get those shifted today. The magazine is coming along, I hope to get my confirmation emails off to contributors today. The website work is coming along, I hope to get the words off to the people concerned for checking and to have replacement photographs organised. I also may get to transcribe a tape today for the Voices book.

I’m watching the pennies again between now and pay day, but I may venture out tomorrow evening for a glass of pop in one of my more local clubs.