>I think the last of our white stuff has gone now – and the dirty grey stuff left behind. We’ve had plenty of rain, slightly warmer temperatures, and today we have glorious winter sunshine.

I had a bit of a mixed weekend, company on Friday, which was lovely, stayed in on Saturday, then unexpected company on Sunday. I wanted to go out Saturday night but really couldn’t afford it, so stayed in front of the telly instead. I got loads of washing and drying done over the weekend, plus a bit of ironing, and I baked too. If I hadn’t had so much company for so long, I’d have got a load of writing done too, but I ain’t knocking it – or not all of it.

Today I’ve finally succumbed and called a heating engineer to look at my hot water. I currently have a badly running gutter, but with no hot water for a week and a half, I was wondering where my priorities should be. I’d lined up a roofer to fix the gutter, but he’s not been down due to workload and weather. I’m not sure how much longer I can put up with boiling pans of water – it takes 4 pans and 3 kettles to get a half decent bath, and then there’s limescale left behind. I think I need to get my hot water back on tap – I’m not getting any at all now.

So I arranged for an engineer that lives in the next road to pop in on his way home tonight. And I’m dreading it. If it needs a new pcb, it’s going to cost £200 – £300. If it needs a new boiler, it’s going to cost £600 – £1,000. There are grants available at the moment of £400, but only if your existing boiler is below a certain energy level – I think it needs to be a G, and I’m sure mine isn’t a G.

EDIT: I just checked, and typically, my boiler does not qualify for the new scrappage scheme in England. (1:45pm)

I want to get some writing done today too.