>Whoo, we don’t half have a bit of a fog at the moment here at Sleepy Hollow. It came down over Death Highway on my way in and has got thicker and thicker. Now I can’t even see that lovely old Victorian house, hardly. Very atmospheric.

Yesterday was mostly a day of thought. I did get some work done, but I also spent an hour or so lying on the small settee listening to a CD of a rain storm. I sorted a lot of stuff out in my head and am feeling positive again about the coming year – not that I was feeling negative, I just needed to tidy up what was going on in there.

Today has so far been a bad news/good news day. The bad news is: I think the brakes have gone on my car – as if I don’t have enough things breaking down on me just now. I have to get them looked at, it’s essential. But I could have really, really, really done without it. The good news is: we get a bonus in January – wahey! Not a huge amount, but every little helps.

From January’s wage I also start to put a bit away for this, a bit away for that, covering things like home & garden, books & DVDs, pet care, car maintenance, clothes, and holidays & leisure. This should ensure I at least have money squirrelled somewhere the next time things start to go wrong.

Today I finally crack open my last tenner of the month – I’ve stretched it over 3 weeks so far … I need to get stuff like bread, milk, bacon, but I also want to pick up a couple of magazines I can send fillers to.

At teatime today a near neighbour will hopefully fix my hot water. He thinks it may be the diaphragm or the micro switch, either of which would be affordable. The lovely man, bless him, also said he’d wait for payment, as it’s not pay day until Monday – but he said he’d pinch my milk every day until I did pay him … that’s how close he is and there was me forgetting I had a heating engineer virtually on my doorstep.

It’s a 4-day week at work this week, then next week’s 3-day week is going to be Tue, Wed, Thu instead of Tue, Wed, Fri, as I’m out Thursday night.