>And the good news is …

>At approximately 6:15pm yesterday my hot water came back on. The central heating promptly switched off but after another struggle, all was fixed. I’m going to need a whole new central heating system at some point, but right now all is well.

Confidential job #1 has finally gone off to the customer for approval and should be published at the beginning of February. We all worked quite hard on this one, it was a new product anyway so nothing to base this one on, new to the publisher and they wanted to get it right, and very new to me. I had quite the learning curve but I did enjoy it and I know I’ll be as chuffed as ever with the finished product. I’m assured it looks “really good”. Once it’s published I’m hoping I can blab about it so everyone can dash out and buy one. (And my ed just said that I could.)

But the even betterer news is … there’s a confidential job #2 on the way now, which is the first natural follow-on from this one (summer to its spring). Re-ee-sult! And the best thing is, this one (these 2) came to me, I didn’t have to go hunting for them.

It’s about time the news turned good and stayed good.

There’s the possibility of confidential job #3 too, a different project this time, and then maybe we’ll have a winter version of #1/#2. If this keeps up I won’t have to try so hard to get that much more extra work, and now my budget finally seems to have settled down … well, let’s just hope this bubble doesn’t burst just yet – I’m not going to get too complacent too soon, especially after what was rattling down the grapevine at work yesterday.

I’ve sent my invoice off now, but next time I’m to send it as soon as I’ve delivered, regardless of any amendments.

If you don’t mind indulging me, I’d just like to allow myself a teensy weensy …