>Reasons to be cheerful

>Obviously I’ve been floating around a bit since last week’s giddy news. But I may have finally come down, although a top week was topped with a top weekend too. The purchase order arrived at the end of the week for the next WotWots job as well (aka confidential job #2).

On Friday night I finally made it out to my first gig since before the snow. I went to my member club, collected my club book, and watched one of my favourite bands, Rock Legacy, blow the house down with one of their best ever performances (in my humble opinion). It was great to catch up with so many friends that I’d not seen for ages, some not even this year yet. And I got to dance … my neck is still a bit sore from headbanging.

On Saturday I got through loads and loads of chores – well, laundry mostly. I didn’t get any ironing done, and the shopping – a big one – was done Thursday evening. So I was able to read and potter and do that writerly thing, think.

Sunday was really nice. I had chocolate delivered to the doorstep, was sent lots of nice messages, and got dragged out to another gig (kicking and screaming, you understand) to see another of my favourite bands in a fresh new venue. Heavy Load were stunningly superb and lots of fun, and the pub made me want to go back. So I will. I got greeted by one of the biggest, bestest bear hugs ever. I can’t remember the last time I got lifted into the air – I must be losing weight (more on that in a bit). I had pop bought for me and when I returned the favour, I got Stellas for 2 band members on the house – I have no idea how I did that, but apparently one of the bar staff has a bit of a thing about one of the guitarists …

When I put one of my favourite pairs of jeans on on Friday, instead of struggling to do up the buttons, I needed to find a belt. So on Saturday I weighed myself … and I’ve lost 5lb this year. For someone my size I think that’s a reasonable amount in 4 weeks. My BMI had already started to come down, so I’ll check that this coming weekend.

This morning I dropped my car into the garage to have the brakes looked at. As it’s not far from one of the slightly bigger libraries, I decided to pack a writing bag and work there for a few hours. I’m currently using one of their computers, so I don’t have much longer. I have all of my current writing projects with me except for the books.