>Brake shoes

>The brakes hurt. I knew there was something wrong with them. I was a shoe down and a ratchet mechanism being erratic and temperamental. I also got the price roughly right. But it still hurt.

The library was good. Freezing cold and with nothing to make visitors want to stay – I had to go and sit in a cafe if I wanted a hot drink, and if I wanted the toilet I had to go outside and use the public toilets in an adjoining building – but I got an article outlined, a short story edited, further methods of attack (submissions procedure) identified, a bit of diary work done, and I picked up a new book I couldn’t get last time I was there.

I also surreptitiously scoffed a turkey sub while loitering between the book stacks, and secretly munched a caramel doughnut while browsing the notices in the porch/vestibule. (They don’t allow eating or drinking in the library.)

When I got back home I did the electronic edits on the story, typed up the 3rd draft of another article, and prepared this story plus 2 others for submission. And I read for a bit.

Today I’m back in work for a 3 day week, Tue – Thu. This is because I’m out Thursday night at a charity gig and I’d quite like a lie in the next day.

At least the brakes feel safer on the car now, although they have prepared me for a new ratchet mechanism in case that fails again.