>Yesterday I finally submitted, for the first time in AGES, 2 short stories and an article.


I’m really quite pleased about this. I also was able to update my entire record of submissions so I know where I am with everything. The tick list is looking Very Good and very green.

At lunch time I went for a walk and picked up 2 magazines for market study that also look quite interesting to me too. Those are the best jobs, the ones for markets that I’m actually interested in and read anyway. I wanted to collect the latest magazine for one of the submissions (the article), but this week’s can’t be out yet as I tried 2 different newsagents. There’s a new editor there and we used to submit to the features editor. They’re having a real shake-up over there, though, so as I couldn’t get the magazine, I called the office instead. And now we submit direct to the new editor. It’s a good job I checked.

After all of that I was feeling quite weary.

My right index finger seems to be having a touch of mouse-button-RSI and I seem to be cultivating a ganglion on my left wrist – very attractive (not). (Mine’s on the top of the wrist.) Perhaps I’m falling apart, or perhaps I need a nice holiday in a health spa or somewhere stress-free. Hark at her – a brilliant year so far and she’s mentioning the stress-word.

It is hard work, though, all of this good stuff. :o)

Plan for today, more of the same.