>On a roll

>Another short story went off yesterday, and another 6 competitions were entered. Everything is being meticulously recorded, receipts are being saved, it’s possible I really am “back”.

There are a few more links in the side bar, Media Guardian, Media Week, UK Press Gazette, and so on, I’ve been watching the job boards. I’ve been doing some catch up and getting my admin sorted. I even bought small denomination postage stamps to put in my stamp holder so I have no excuse for not sending anything out when the post office is closed (I have various stamps in there but needed lots of penny and two-penny stamps to make them up to the current correct postal rates). I picked up another 4 magazines so that’s 6 this week, 2 of which are writing magazines. The others are potential markets that I know are actively looking for material.

Of course, uncertainty at work may have quite a lot to do with all of this, and this flurry of activity could have been prompted by the news of more job cuts. We know nothing in our department, though. I’m hoping that’s good news. Well, for me. And my boss, obviously. But it’s getting me going on the freelance front and rather than spend, spend, spend whatever comes in I’m going to stockpile it – and I know I can do that when I put my mind to it, it’s what I did when I left my husband. I stockpiled money into an “escape fund”. Now it’s going to be a “parachute fund”.

And if I don’t need it? I’ll get a new telly. And new central heating. And go on a nice holiday. And think of buying a new car. But for now, it’s a parachute fund.

I’ve started work on the February gig list. That’ll likely wear me out for a day or so. Tonight we have a big charity gig, Help for Heroes, at my member club. I’m looking forward to that.