>Today is a recovery day. I’m not used to going out on a school night and even though I moved my alternate Thursday off this week to today, it’s still knocked it out of me. Isn’t it funny how we get set into time patterns regardless of how much sleep we get or how much time we take off?

Last night we raised over £1,000 for Help for Heroes at my member club. We had some fun and a nice time, but even though we left before the end, I still didn’t get to bed until late. So today I had a nice lie in and I’m ready to go again.

Main job today is to get the gig list done for February. I’d like to get that finished before the 1st of the month this time, and if I get my head down today I should do it. I also have an article that needs to be submitted to a competition by Sunday at the latest, by email. I’ll not manage everything on my massive to do list for January, but I have done a lot of it and much of what’s left will move to February and be prioritised.

It’s nice and sunny so I may go for a stroll around the village. I need to get a bit of shopping in too. Tonight is an evening in front of the telly and a decent soak in the bath – I was so rushed last night I only managed a quick dip (another downside of going out on a school night), so I’ll relish getting lost for an hour this evening.

Also, I think I need chocolate. Will rectify that pronto.