>Travel to Fishguard

>In just under 2 weeks I’ll be on my writing weekend in Fishguard. I’m going down on Thursday, via Birmingham (to drop the cats off), and having an extra day at the start of the weekend to explore. I was going to travel down by train from my parents’, but looking at what’s on offer it’ll take me over 5 hours and 3 changes to get there, over 15 hours and 5 changes to get back including a bus, it being a Sunday, and all for the bargain (not!) price of £63. So I think I’ll drive instead. I’ve Googled it and it should take 4 hours and 5 minutes from my parents’. I may stop at theirs Sunday evening to recover and break my journey, though.

(Aside: Hmm, does theirs have a possessive apostrophe? I used to be good at this …)

Because I had to pay for my hot water repair and get the brakes fixed on my car, I did think I wouldn’t be able to manage it after all. But I’m so used to working within a tight budget now, with a little help I’ve done it. So the cheque went off and I can finally get excited about it.

Website work at work has progressed and we already have some new text to upload at the next opportunity. The magazine also seems to be progressing with photography already lined up. Yesterday I renewed my library books over the phone. Jobs today include nipping out at lunchtime to get travel insurance, sorting out some roadside recovery for my car – don’t want to be driving all that way and getting stranded – a WotWots submission, and preparing and submitting a synopsis and first chapter to Fishguard …

Is that all? Gulp.


4 thoughts on “>Travel to Fishguard

  1. Devon Ellington 5 February 2010 / 2:04 pm

    >Oh, you've got it all under control. So glad you can do your writing weekend!


  2. Diane 5 February 2010 / 2:45 pm

    >It doesn't always feel under control … I'm looking forward to the weekend now.


  3. Becky 6 February 2010 / 10:20 am

    >Glad you decided to go Diane. The sun is shining this morning and if it stays like this, you will get more and more excited over the next 2 weeks about your holiday. What I often find is that I don't realise how much I need to get away until I go somewhere , and can't believe how much better I feel when I get there. I'm sure with some good CD's in the car, you'll enjoy that journey too. Tried to find you on FB but there are lots of you lol !


  4. Diane 6 February 2010 / 10:33 am

    >I got notification of my roadside rescue this morning too, so at least I know I'll get there.There's a link to my Facebook in my sidebar – scroll right the way down to Links. My current profile picture is a mono cartoon of a dog at a desk saying "Do Not Disturb – writer at work".


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