>Inclement weather on way again?

>We’re hearing conflicting weather forecasts about when it’s going to get here and how much we’re going to get, but the general consensus is, there’s more white stuff on the way. In a big fashion too. Even the window cleaner has come out a day or so early to beat it. I may go to work tomorrow, stock up on a pile of WIP, then bring it home and hole up for a few days. Hopefully it’s just for this week – I have a long drive next Thursday …

I have had such a busy weekend. Much of it was spent working on WotWots 2 and Catch the Rainbow. The activity annual is mostly in rough at the moment, as is the novel. But I need to get the first chapter and synopsis typed up and submitted, so that’s going to be my priority for now.

It was a chores weekend too, but I also made it to 2 gigs, one in Castleford on Saturday and one in Ackworth on Sunday. Both were fantastic. I had a song dedicated to me on Saturday, one they’d learned just for me, and I had a drummer given to me on Sunday as an early birthday present … I’ve never been given a drummer before. I just have the one gig pencilled in for this weekend, weather permitting on Saturday in Castleford again.

Today so far I’ve been to town, to the bank, done my weekly grocery shopping, and filled my petrol tank. If I’m going to be stuck indoors from Wednesday onwards, I’ll do some baking and batch cooking from then. I think it’s a 3-day week this week anyway.

My left shoulder seems to giving me some trouble this morning. I don’t know if I’ve pulled something or just slept funny. Had I spent much of the weekend peering down at my laptop I might’ve thought it was that, but I haven’t. I’m hoping I slept funny and that it’ll be gone by morning.

Right, rainbows …


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