>You can tell that I’m serious …

>… when I re-subscribe to writing magazines again.

Writing Magazine/Writers’ News has an excellent offer on at the moment. I cancelled my sub 4 years ago when it simply got too expensive, but now it’s nearly £10 a year less than it was then. So I’ve set that sub to start from April, with the first quarterly payment coming out mid-March. The newsstand copy of Writing Magazine had the latest Writers’ News attached free (in WH Smiths only, I believe), and it was the news magazine I wanted to see before taking out a subscription again. I’ll be subscribing to Writers’ Forum as well, but I’m still watching my pennies so will set that one off when it doesn’t clash with this one.

It is a 3-day week this week. I’m quite pleased about that as I struggled to get up this morning.

So far today I’ve done some website work and some C&P (communication & publicity, aka detective) work. I have magazine work to do, and I have a chapter and synopsis to get off to my workshop leader for Fishguard. I received a phone call from the organiser last Thursday asking me to re-send it if I’d already sent it, and to send it if I hadn’t. I decided there and then to send in Catch the Rainbow, which was a bit of a shock as I was always taking The Beast Within with me.

The former has been waiting to be written for a couple of years, but I was struggling with how and where to start (to blast or not to blast in chapter 1?). As soon as I decided to take that book with me on my writing weekend, the opening formed itself in my mind. So Thursday evening I sat and outlined 40 chapters, a prologue, an epilogue and an afterword, and on Friday I did a detailed outline for chapter 1, the epilogue and the afterword – at least I now know how I’m starting and where I’m going, even if there are 39 (detailed) blanks in between …

All I have to do now is finish chapter 1 and get it and the main outline submitted. And quick. The activity annual is (temporarily, I hope) on hold for now, which is good as it means I can work on the novel with a free conscience.

Oh, the shoulder is loads better today, so it must have been me sleeping funny. I woke at about 5am (well, Holly woke me …), and it was still there, so I reduced my pile of pillows by one. That seems to have done the trick, but now I have a bit of a stiff neck instead, although that could be due to peering down at the laptop for much of yesterday.


10 thoughts on “>You can tell that I’m serious …

  1. carolwarham 9 February 2010 / 12:55 pm

    >Sometimes a crick in the neck can last a few days. I've subscribed to Writers Magazine for the last few years but not to Writers News as I felt to have both was too expensive. Any thoughts on which one is the better?


  2. Diane 9 February 2010 / 1:26 pm

    >It depends on what you want it for. Writing Magazine and Writers' Forum both carry features and interviews, whereas Writer's News has more up to date marketing information. If I didn't intend to make a proper living from this, I'd probably stick to the regular ones. But as I actively contact and approach new markets, Writers' News is better for that. We originally got Writing Magazine free with Writers' News, but they soon worked out they could get more revenue by separating them.


  3. Melissa Marsh 9 February 2010 / 4:08 pm

    >I love writing magazines, though often can't afford them unless they send me a special deal where the subscription is $10 a year. Then I'll subscribe. :-)And wow – you outlined 40 chapters?


  4. Diane 9 February 2010 / 4:28 pm

    >It's only a couple of lines per chapter, which was what I was working on last Thursday when we were sort of working together-ish, a bit on Facebook. The more detailed outlines are more substantial.Wow – a $10 sub? Wish we had more of those. My subscription is offset-able against tax. :oD


  5. carolwarham 9 February 2010 / 4:57 pm

    >Thanks, thats very helpful


  6. Lori 9 February 2010 / 9:10 pm

    >Glad you've got a short week. I'm praying for a power outage – forces me to slow the hell down. May get my wish as we're due for our second major storm in five days. This one's bringing an additional foot or two of snow on top of the two feet of the crap we have. I love snow, mind you, but I don't have tall enough snow boots for this! LOL


  7. Lacey Devlin 10 February 2010 / 4:31 am

    >Even though it's only a three day week it sounds like you've still done a full week's work 🙂


  8. Diane 10 February 2010 / 8:36 am

    >You're welcome, Carol. Will you stick to just the one still? Or will you take the plunge? One sale would more than cover the difference.


  9. Diane 10 February 2010 / 8:39 am

    >A power cut would probably result in me doing more work, Lori, as I write everything in longhand. Email and the internet is a dreadful distraction.A few feet of snow here would be nice … if everyone knew how to deal with it …


  10. Diane 10 February 2010 / 8:41 am

    >I think I need to slow down a bit, Lacey. I'm starting to wilt. Soon as I've caught up on some of the backlog I'll schedule in extra time to complete things and maybe more R&R.


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