>Fishguard day 3

>There were lots more visitors in the dining room at breakfast time yesterday, so we didn’t have time to look outside at the view or the weather. We didn’t get served at table either and had to go and collect our breakfast. I was most disappointed that there were no mushrooms this time, but everything else was fine.

My breakfast buddy yesterday was Lynne Hackles and it was great to catch up on old times, on latest news, and have a good old gossip about mutual acquaintances and friends.

With a busy schedule – we had 4 workshops – I didn’t have time to “escape” as time between sessions was spent relaxing and chatting with the others. We are 8 in our group and it’s quite interesting to hear how others are working, or not as the case may be, and it made me realise what I miss about being in a writers’ group. I think the feedback and group brainstorming is really useful.

So we worked on setting and character and conflict and in the final session got to do some writing. I should have written chapter 1 to submit ahead of the course, but I decided to send in the prologue instead. That meant that my first scene yesterday was actually chapter 1. It’s only 800 words at the moment and it needs to be 2,000, but I look on the first draft (of anything I can’t do in my sleep) as assembling the skeleton. Later drafts are used to hang flesh and blood on the bones, then the final drafts are for editing, honing and polishing. The main thing is, I got something written.

I found out yesterday that I was in the presence of a “BM”. (Thank you, Carol.) I wonder how many people also know who I mean …

Today we only have 2 more sessions, plus my own one-to-one with the tutor. Our tutor often comes to Rotherham and we’ve said we’ll have to meet up and “do lunch” next time she’s up. After lunch today we say goodbye and I’ll head back to Birmingham for the night.

I’m feeling very fat with all this good food and sitting around.


4 thoughts on “>Fishguard day 3

  1. Katie 21 February 2010 / 8:30 am

    >Would that be Kate Walker's Babe Magnet husband?!?!Enjoy the rest of your writing retreat 🙂


  2. Teresa Ashby 21 February 2010 / 9:53 am

    >It all sounds so great, Diane.Hope you have a great time on your last day and a good journey home.


  3. Marilyn Shoemaker 22 February 2010 / 4:44 am

    >Living in North America I have not had the opportunity to meet the bm; however he is legendery. Enjoy yourself and pls give my regards to Kate.


  4. Diane 22 February 2010 / 8:37 am

    >Ha ha, Kate – Kate was surprised it had reached as far as New Zealand.The journey back to my parents was a dream compared to the one the other way on Thursday, Teresa. But I believe there's snow between here and home. I'll find out soon enough.Hello, welcome and thanks for leaving a comment, Marilyn. Kate wasn't going straight home but she said she'd bob in here as soon as she could and say hello. She'll see your message then.


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