>Fishguard –> Solihull

>We awoke on Sunday to glorious sunshine and everyone a lot more relaxed and less shy than we’d been at the start. With the last 2 sessions we could read our work out and get decent feedback. I had a really fun and useful time but it was time to go, exchange contact details and say goodbye.

It was lovely to see everyone, old friends and new, but it was especially nice when me and the LSO actually recognised each other after something like 15 years or more. (Hands up everyone that also knows the LSO …)

And, oh, what a difference a different day makes. The weather was glorious, the drive to my parents’ was a dream. I made it in 4 hours flat.

Last night was mostly resting and relaxing as I have a bloodshot eye – probably from the strain of driving a long way in snow on Thursday – but I have the last leg to do today and there are rumours of more snow between there and here.


4 thoughts on “>Fishguard –> Solihull

  1. >The BM is definitely legendary. I was thinking about you yesterday and the journey back as the snow was awful again. It is much better today so far. It sounds like it was a great weekend


  2. >You're such a show off, Lynne. :oDWas great to see you both again, and they eye *seems* to be getting better.xxxThe journey today was loads better, Carol. And it was a great weekend. You coming to Caerleon?It was brilliant, Devon. I must do more of the same, even if just a retreat. I already booked up for next year …


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