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>Magic cat
I wasn’t very well yesterday. Not sure what it was but my trunk/torso/gut was really sore and painful – not in a sickie kind of way but it felt almost muscular. Perhaps it’s this bloating that lots of people complain about. I was going to walk up to the village to pick up a single magazine to try and target with a single letter/filler, but I put my coat on and then simply couldn’t face it.

Domino was warming herself in front of the fire and she started to take an interest in the “ooh”s and “ouch”s I was making, as pets do (or they do in my experience). I rubbed and massaged all the belly and lower rib cage, and that seemed to ease it a little, so I sat on a soft seat and rubbed some more.

Next thing I know is Domino’s up on my lap. She’s a huge black pelt on legs and when she lies down on the floor and spreads herself out, she’s like one of those dead game rugs you find in stately homes and hunting lodges, but warmer. And more alive. And she spread herself out longways and widthways, up the top of my thighs and all over my belly. And then she started to pummel with her front paws.

She massaged and kneaded and pummelled and purred for quite a few minutes, probably getting on for 8 or 10 minutes (I started to move her twice but she dug her claws in and fixed me with her yellow eyes). Then she stopped and jumped back down to resume her place in front of the fire.

And the pain had gone. How amazing is that?

I was still feeling a tiny bit tender and unsure that the pain had really gone. It had, after all, been getting steadily worse for several hours, so I wasn’t sure it was gone. But a nice cup of tea with some ginger nut biscuits dunked in saw the last of it off.

Social network
Last week on Facebook I put out a “Diane wants to go and see Avatar on Saturday”. A few people got into “conversation” with me, but no-one offered to come to the pictures with me. So then I put out a “Diane wouldn’t mind going the pictures on Saturday with a 22 year old, if he’s not seen it and not working”, which was a bit of a message to a friend of mine who just happens to be 22. But he didn’t bite either. I started to think about going by myself when the message came in from another friend, “I’m not working, I’ve not seen the film, and I’m 23 not 22”.

At first I thought he might be joking, but he wasn’t. We discussed it, he hadn’t seen the film, he wanted a night off, and so we decided to go, and I really enjoyed the film, which I’m glad about because sometimes when you’ve been looking forward to something for ages, it often disappoints. I think he enjoyed the film too – he said he did.

Yesterday I tried again with a “Diane wonders if anyone fancies seeing Freddie Starr on 27 March”, and then I thought perhaps my sister would quite like to go. So I hopped on over to her Facebook and asked her on her wall.

When she got home from work, my sister did respond but to MY status update rather than HER wall comment. She’d love to go … and THEN she saw it on her own wall.

I think that’s quite funny, because I sort of knew she might like to go and she was first to say she wanted to go when she saw it on my page.

So, on 27 March, my sister’s coming up from Leicestershire to see Freddie Starr with me, and she’ll probably stay over too.

Of course, I could have just sent her a text. But it’s less fun that way.

We have a smattering of snow in Baggins Bottom today so as I have the entire magazine with me, I’m staying at home where I’ll be better off without any distractions while I shift everything. If I get everything done by lunchtime (or soon after), and if the snow has gone, I’ll go into the office this afternoon and get the articles up on the database. I have them on memory stick, though, so can email them to anyone that needs them if I have to.

On days like today, when I’m steadily working my way through a steadily busy day, I wish I was a coffee drinker and had a pot on the go. Perhaps I should develop a taste for it and start with a weak solution. Tea just doesn’t cut it, even when you take the teabags out.

6 thoughts on “>Pelt on legs

  1. Teresa Ashby 2 March 2010 / 10:13 am

    >Domino just knew what you needed and gave it to you – a nice warm massage with her healing paws. I strongly believe that animals know what we need better than we do.Glad you enjoyed Avatar.


  2. Diane 2 March 2010 / 10:20 am

    >She was great. And today, no pain. :o) Don't know what it was, perhaps it was bloating or trapped wind or something.I recommend Avatar, but I don't think the 3D is necessary, apart from for the special effects. It stands up on its own without, though.


  3. carolwarham 2 March 2010 / 12:42 pm

    >I'm still here, the holiday was cancelled on FO advice. We have another booked for this weekend, 2 weeks cruising aroung the caribbean – not nearly so interesting but then again – where is Haiti again?When did the new photo come into being?


  4. Diane 2 March 2010 / 12:49 pm

    >I'm not surprised the cruise was cancelled, a disappointment for you I bet, but better to be safe than sorry. At least you still have a cruise holiday to come.The picture arrived on Friday.


  5. Devon Ellington 2 March 2010 / 6:26 pm

    >Domino is a healing kitty! Elsa always takes good care of me when I'm under the weather. Felicia was as good as an RN!


  6. Diane 2 March 2010 / 7:00 pm

    >If ever I'm upset it's Domino comes to give me a cuddle – I thought it was the snuffling noise irritating her, but she is a loving cat.


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