>Tentative query

>Yesterday, on my way into the office, instead of picking up a pile of weekly magazines to target with fillers, I picked up 3 monthly magazines that might be more lucrative – one on Britain, one on eco travel, and a regular women’s monthly.

The eco travel one particularly took my fancy as domestic travel and eco-friendly are already interests of mine, I’m also a bit of an eco-warrior when I can and when I can afford to be. There was a holiday retreat featured in there, amid several others, that I contacted immediately, one that does tipis and yurts, Reiki and meditation, no electricity or civilisation. I wrote down a list of ideas (18, in another 10 minute brainstorm), and then I wrote down a list of potential markets (12, including the eco travel one).

I called the retreat, found out how much it would cost me as a single traveller, and if they’d be happy to be interviewed if I secured a commission. (She was able to offer me a healthy discount.) Then I fired off a quick, tentative, preliminary query to the editor of the magazine I saw it in – I thought that was only fair. If the editor is interested, he’ll get a proper, fleshed out query package including full colour cuttings. If he isn’t, I’ll send it off to the next travel market on the list, and try and send out at least 3 other queries slanted to different markets.

One article sale will pay for this holiday – and I can offset the cost against tax. Two sales and I’ll be in profit.

Keep everything crossed.

I got home last night and cleaned off a piece of wood in the yard. It used to be a coffee table but was too big to go in the wheelie bin so I was waiting for someone to take it away or for it to rot, whichever came first.

Devon suggested I put a couple of cupboards under my bedroom window and drop a sturdy board across them to make a desk beneath the window. Well, the wood is a bit damp and grubby, but I’ve done it and it seems to be fine, just the right height.

I don’t really like having something damp and grubby in the bedroom (even though I did give it a good clean), so if it works I might nip to the DIY store and get them to cut me a length to fit. The current one is a bit short and a tad flimsy, but it’s the right width.

The laptop riser is back on the workstation in the corner of the bedroom; the bookshelves have been pushed together to make one long set of bookshelves along the back of the workstation; the spare chair has been pushed beneath the kneehole in the new “desk”; the bedroom seems to be roomier … I have my desk beneath a window and can still write or eat at the kitchen table, BUT I MUST NOT HAVE IT AS A DUMPING GROUND.

Let’s see how it goes, shall we?

Day job
I had lots of interruptions at work yesterday, which is nice because people want to see me and chat and have drinks and stuff. But I really am up against it at the moment, so I’m working at home again today where only my boss knows how to contact me (I’ll ignore the front door). It’ll be a good chance to try out the new furniture arrangement – and see how warm it gets in that dark and dingy bedroom.


8 thoughts on “>Tentative query

  1. Abi 4 March 2010 / 10:28 am

    >I would dearly love a writing space by a window, my pc is by a window looking out over the garden and I can see the bird feeders from my chair but it is in the living room. Hopefully when my youngest is at school after Christmas I can work during the day downstairs and enjoy the view while concentrating…you know what I mean!I've just sent off a tentative query to an editor as well. I need to find another couple of markets as I have a some quiet months until May/June. Good luck!


  2. Diane 4 March 2010 / 10:41 am

    >I have my window now and it's brilliant. Good luck with your query too. I'm going to contact that walking magazine to see if they want my Barnsley walks.


  3. carolwarham 4 March 2010 / 12:54 pm

    >A desk by the window is lovely, best way to work for me also. My husband works with his back to the window, can't understand that.See you in a few weeks.Did I send you a picture?


  4. Diane 4 March 2010 / 12:58 pm

    >I can't stand having my back to a door – even at home.Have a great holiday. If you sent me a picture, it didn't arrive yet.


  5. Devon Ellington 4 March 2010 / 1:48 pm

    >Great stuff o the queries. Glad the room rearrangement is working out for you. To keep from turning it into a dumping ground, I suggest a pretty basket or bin in the corner of the space or next to the space or wherever you tend to dump things when you come in, so there's a designated catch-all. Then, you go through it weekly or monthly to sort it. Saves stuff from stacking up on the work surface — provided you actually sort it before it overflows! 😉


  6. Diane 4 March 2010 / 1:56 pm

    >I might have a basket, one that isn't too big, it shouldn't get too much rubbish in it. I'll have the same fear with the new "desk" too, although so far it just has a lamp, a desk tidy (with built in cup rest), and a box of tissues on.It's mostly the post that tends to pile up. I open it in a big open-post-fest-thing every so often.I'm trying to eat at the table too in the hope that that puts me off dumping everything on it.


  7. Melissa Marsh 4 March 2010 / 5:19 pm

    >Hope the editor gives you a thumbs up on the query!


  8. Diane 4 March 2010 / 8:11 pm

    >He's not replied yet, but as a travel writer himself, he may be working.


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