>Is it my time yet?

>I hate to write this out loud, but good things seem to finally be happening.

We’re 3 weeks late on the magazine due to politics and other economic pressures, so normally I’d be finishing off the Voices book by now. But the magazine is my no1 priority – it pays the mortgage – and I was starting to panic ever so slightly with this delay holding me up.

My Voices editor contacted me yesterday to see how I was doing, I explained the situation to her, and she said it wasn’t a problem, I could have until the end of April and if I needed more time to just let her know. In the meantime, could I just send them a couple of photographs for the cover so they could get the publicity machine working.

We also exchanged notes on the Babe Magnet. ;o)

The Voices book is my no2 priority as I have a contract for it. I’m hoping for another contract for the next “activity” annual, and that will be my no3 priority. Then I have a proposal in mind for a new Voices book, which I tentatively outlined to her yesterday and which I wasn’t discouraged from pursuing … so that could be no4 …

Saying that, I do have a publishing schedule for Night Crawler now, whether I do it myself on print on demand or whether it’s picked up meanwhile by the last mainstream publisher I sent it to. I’m going to publish it in hardback first and get complimentary and review copies off to libraries, periodicals, and other parts of the media. Then I’m going to leave it at least 3 months, but probably 6, and publish it in paperback. Later, I’ll release it as an e-book. At each stage of publication there will be another chance to win a copy.

The print on demand company also produces calendars, so I’m thinking (my) photographs on calendars for clients so my name is always on their wall whenever they’re thinking of a potential contributor. I know a lot of authors do pens and bags and other bits and bobs, and I may do the same, but include a calendar. The calendar would also include little publication reminders every time a book is due out.

Finally (for now) the BBC contacted me yesterday. They’d done a search on a topic they’re discussing next week, landed on my blog, enjoyed what they read, and asked if I’d like to take part in the programme. This is for Radio Five Live, the national sports and current affairs channel from the BBC. Yes, I said national … I’m over the moon on 2 counts here. First of all, they landed on my blog and liked what they saw enough to send me an email. Secondly, I’ve not been inside a radio studio for yonks, and I’m quite excited. I often listen to Five Live.

Of course, I’ve already replied …


4 thoughts on “>Is it my time yet?

  1. Josie 10 March 2010 / 3:24 pm

    >glad good things are happening for you….well done on the BBC radio five live!Josie x


  2. Diane 10 March 2010 / 3:35 pm

    >I'm half waiting for the bubble to burst …I wish I was going to Manchester, Tony Livesy is quite nice. :o) (They'll accommodate me at Sheffield as it's closer.)


  3. Abi 11 March 2010 / 10:31 am

    >Good luck on the BBC thing and your walking proposal. I'd be walking around in a daze until it happened!


  4. Diane 11 March 2010 / 10:44 am

    >I am a bit …


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