>In a whirl

>It’s been a hectic but interesting few days in Parkinland this past week. My head’s in a whirl with it all and my feet don’t feel as if they’ve touched the ground recently.

I didn’t get any earrings yesterday as they didn’t have any I like. Sleepers are not an inch or more in diameter. Instead I got a couple of role play graphic adventure games for the Wii. I do like RPGAs, but all I’d got for the Wii so far were activity things, and I don’t often feel that energetic. So I picked up a Tomb Raider and another one, and both need me to activate the nunchuk. I’ve not used that yet. I also got my perfume, 2 books, and I bought myself a nice lunch. I didn’t get the weekly grocery shopping on the way back because I was shattered after all of that walking and window shopping, but I did fill the petrol tank.

That means I’ll do the shopping on the way home tonight. I’ve decided to stay in this weekend as I’m walking tomorrow near Doncaster, in Birmingham for Mother’s Day on Sunday, and I have a midnight appointment with Tony Livesy of BBC Radio Five Live on Monday in Sheffield. With all that excitement, I think I need to stay in for the rest of it.

I sent a load of material off to the designer on Wednesday for the magazine. I’ve had pictures and final translations come in for a couple more articles today, so those can go off too. Next week I’m hoping the pdfs start to come in, although because I’m out at stupid o’clock Monday night, I might see about working from home on Tuesday. Now the work area is set up properly with both printers connected, it’s not such an ordeal working from home. I have been working from home, but perching the laptop on my lap while sitting on the settee isn’t great for the posture.

Today I’ll print off all the entries to the book competition and I’ll get someone neutral at work to draw one of them. The winner will have to wait until I get the galleys proofed and the corrections done, then it takes up to 3 weeks to have the book manufactured and delivered. I might sit and do the proofs this weekend in between everything else. That will be quite nice.


2 thoughts on “>In a whirl

  1. The villager: 12 March 2010 / 10:46 am

    >Your writing and other activities do sound like a genuine whirl !


  2. Diane 12 March 2010 / 10:51 am

    >This week has been mad. My head really is spinning with it all.


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