>Is it Easter yet?

>Because I need chocolate. Proper chocolate. And I need it NOW.

Meanwhile, here is the book I picked up on Sunday to help me crack that cookie dough. I don’t know why I have such trouble with biscuit dough when my pastry dough is pretty much perfect (I’ve been practising for many years …).

So I’ve been browsing through this book to see where I’m going wrong. I think I’ve found a few solutions, but this weekend I’m going to start at the easy end and try some drop cookies with dried mixed fruit.

I’m also going to try the blueberry muffins in this book at the weekend and later, much later, I have to try the parkin – I can see the Facebook status update now: “Diane Parkin is mekkin’ parkin.” Watch out for that.

There are chocolates in here as well, I already have a recipe for peppermint creams, and I’m sure I have one for fudge somewhere too. Ooh, I wonder what Santa will be putting in people’s stockings this Christmas …

Below are a few more books I’ll also be reading and working with.

They’re already proving useful. Last night those 7 filler ideas turned into 17 and I noticed a theme running through some of them … so I also came up with a short story idea. It’s obviously a soap box subject of mine so maybe writing it up as a short story will help get it out of my system. Look out for that, although the only clue I’ll give for now is road rage.

The 2 stories have been buzzed up and sent off again on their merry little snail mail way. The other writerly job I did last night was to cut out a few “character” pictures from magazines and store them in a box.

Today I go to the post office to stock up on postage stamps. Prices go up next week and this way I’ll still get them at current prices but with “1st class” or “2nd class” written on them so it doesn’t matter.


2 thoughts on “>Is it Easter yet?

  1. Devon Ellington 24 March 2010 / 12:58 pm

    >Good stuff.When I'm over in the UK trying to bake, I find I have to be very fussy about the butter I use in the recipes. There seems to be more fluctuation in the quality there than here.And trying to substitute margarine for butter any time I've baked in the UK was just a complete disaster.I rarely do that, but sometimes, the only small local shop i could find only had margarine. I'd have been better off not trying to bake!


  2. Diane 24 March 2010 / 1:12 pm

    >That makes sense as my dough is always wet and sticky. One of the tips in this book suggests block margarine or butter rather than tub margarine. That makes sense too as I usually have tub margarine.


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