>The best laid plans

>And so I got up 30 minutes earlier and was all raring to walk to the village to get my newspapers and magazine, when an email came through saying Henry was on his way. I tracked the parcel and it left Bournemouth at 4pm-ish on Monday, arrived in Rotherham at 3am yesterday, and left the depot for delivery an hour later.

So I waited.

And I got Jehovah’s Witnessed.

Honestly, I really have nothing against other people’s religions and views, but I do wish they wouldn’t come and try to force them onto me. If I want to join you, I know where to find you. But please GET OFF my doorstep. This is MY private space not YOUR personal podium.

Fortunately they could see I meant what I said and that I didn’t really want to chat about why I’m a Roman Catholic and isn’t it time I saw the light and don’t I think it’s so dreadful that I was brainwashed at such a young age and so on. How dare they?

Work-wise I didn’t do so well in the end and was quite tired too early (it’s that lost hour). Here, then, is how I did (or not) yesterday:

  1. daily blog
  2. updated gig list
  3. got rid of doorstep preachers faster than the speed of light
  4. 2 hours on gig list for April
  5. welcomed Henry at 11:50am
  6. walked up to village and bought The Daily Telegraph, The Daily Express (okay, so another compact …), and Psychologies
  7. studied the new markets
  8. unpacked Henry and disposed of all packaging except the box
  9. Henryed the house
  10. read for a bit
  11. wrote and submitted 1 filler (worth £25)
  12. chucked a spud in the oven and had it with grated cheese, cherry tomatoes and cucumber

After tea I did more work on the novel. On Monday I struggled to get this to flow and managed less than 500 words. So then I thought maybe I should just try and get the storyline down for now, the bones. Then, when I have a framework, I can go back and hang the flesh on …

Last night I seem to have found my second wind and wrote a fairly chunky 3rd chapter. In just about an hour I managed 1,177 words, and I almost started blubbing at one point too. That’s more like it.

Here’s what I want to do today:

  1. walk up to village for newspapers/magazines
  2. market study
  3. finish the gig list
  4. transcribe 1 interview for Voices book
  5. write and submit at least 1 query or letter or filler
  6. 1 hour proofing Night Crawler galleys

The weather can’t make up its mind. One minute we have heavy, torrential rain, the next we have glorious sunshine, then we have a dark and purple sky. The snow is due today .


4 thoughts on “>The best laid plans

  1. carolwarham 31 March 2010 / 11:47 am

    >This gets better and better. Now the house is henryed! Sounds much more interesting. Another thing we have in common then is being RC. The writing sounds to be going well, keep on with it.


  2. Diane 31 March 2010 / 12:01 pm

    >I'm a fairly lapsed, agnostic RC … also, I'm not sure they'd appreciate the spiritual side of me.The writing feels as though I'm wading through treacle at the moment, but at least I'm getting there.


  3. Colin Galbraith 31 March 2010 / 1:03 pm

    >A Henry is one of those wee red circular hoovers with the big tubes coming out, yeah? We have one as well cos they get EVERYTHING – very handy when sanding and other messy DIY gigs. They seem to breed affection among their owners – like pets, I suppose.


  4. Diane 31 March 2010 / 1:29 pm

    >There seems to be a whole family of them now, Colin. I think it's the smiley faces that humanise them for some people. But yes, the big tube is attached to the wee red part as its nose.


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