>Technical fault

>My Beautiful Blogger awards WILL be here just as soon as Talk Talk get their idle finger out and FIX MY PHONE LINE.


4 thoughts on “>Technical fault

  1. >Hope the line is sorted soon. Not staying around as I'm off work, been ill for a week now, sore throats, headaches, head cold, sinusitis, even lost my voice, so don't want to pass any lurgy on.Recently read a couple of great books you may be interested in: 'Year of Wonder' By Geraldine Brooks, an excellent novel based on the story of Eyam. Also 'Black Diamonds' by Catherine Bailey, a factual book on Wentworth House. Great pictures from the walk. Not sure about the 'Daily Mail' I always feel its trying to turn the country into hypochondriacs. I must encourage everyone to buy the 'Yorkshire Post' one of my oldest and best friends is a senior reporter with them…must keep her in a job for the time being!


  2. >I think, Steve, that if you go and have another peep at my status regarding Talk Talk, you'll see a friend of mine is less savoury about them too.


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