>Good news

>Okay, only 2 freelance acceptances so far this year (the day job is a writing/editing job, remember, and I’m working on longer material too), but I didn’t start sending them out until the end of January and even fillers have longer lead times these days.

The first success was The Magic of Wilderness, which came 3rd in a writing competition and was published in The Origin Psychic. I blogged about that one last month (I didn’t think it had been placed at all).

I just had an email to say a popular women’s weekly magazine is going to use the Barcelona article, which is ace as I wrote that one totally on spec. Once it’s been confirmed, I’ll list the magazine in the sidebar as it’s another new market for me.


10 thoughts on “>Good news

  1. >Hi Diane, just found you!! Another Diane!! (and I was from Barnsley before I moved to Rotherham!!!) Will be having a good read of your blog. xxx


  2. >Well done on both counts Auntie Diane – coming third in the comp and breaking into a new market! Let's hear it for freelancers….Milt x


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