>May To Do

>Here is my To Do list for May:


  • update blog and gig list daily
  • gig list for June
  • diary work for June
  • enter 6 competitions per week (x4)
  • service car
  • MOT car


  • Voices from the Dearne Valley
  • Catch the Rainbow
  • 1 filler per week (x3)
  • hire artist for Night Crawler cover
  • Replacement Confidential Job #1
  • proof galleys for Night Crawler
  • publication Night Crawler

Day job

  • weekly timesheet
  • summer magazine


  • attend up to 9 rock gigs
  • read 1 novel
  • 4 long-distance walks
  • visit Mom and Dad in Birmingham
  • library
  • doctor’s appointment
  • dental appointment
  • hospital appointment


  • weekly, fortnightly and monthly household chores
  • weekly grocery shopping
  • 3 x baking sessions
  • 3 x batch cooking sessions

4 thoughts on “>May To Do

  1. >Jarmara: I bet if you wrote everything down as you did it you'd have a huge list too. Probably bigger than mine, cos I'm bone idle. :o)


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