>So I got up with the larks today to drop my car off at the garage, in the hope they could do it while I wait and I could still use it throughout the day for all of my errands. “Be ready about 4 o’clock,” he said. Oh. Well, it is having a full service, complete set of wiper blades, full lamp check, new wing mirror and the engine steam cleaned.

I had no idea what time the buses ran so I started walking to my next appointment in the next village, about 20 minutes away, go there an hour early but the doctor didn’t get around to me until more than 10 minutes after my original appointment time. By the time I came out I’d been there almost 2 hours.

Still not sure of the buses, I decided to walk home from there, and that took me 30 minutes. By the time I got back I was shattered, and I totally chickened out of the dental appointment. I would have had to catch a bus into town and then another back to the car with a swollen face and numb mouth speech (2 fillings at least). So I changed that to next Monday instead. (WIMP alert.)

It’s almost 2pm and at 3:15 I have to go out again to catch that bus back to the car. And then they’ll no doubt have to pick me up from the floor when they give me the bill. On the way home I’ll return a book to the library and drop in some donations.

Tomorrow I go back to work … for a rest …

I got the all clear from the doc, so all I need to do now is regulate my sleep and work patterns, try and balance things out a bit better. I hate sleeping tablets, as they make you drowsy in the morning and unable to drive, and I fight them all night anyway because I hate to be out of control. So I’ll try some relaxation techniques. I have the rain tracks on my MP3 now, and I have some relaxation tracks on there too.

And I have to try to avoid burn out …

Hah – as of today, I have the local history book to finish researching and writing, I have a novel to research and write, I have another novel to publish and promote, I have a Christmas annual for kids to produce, I have the magazine to get out, and possibly a newsletter. And this is just the stuff that pays the bills. It doesn’t include all the music and social stuff, nor does it include running and maintaining a house and car, enjoying 2 cats, or fitting in friends and family.

But I have to SLOW DOWN. Apparently.

I know what I also need, and I’m working on that too.

But right now, rest. For an hour. Before I start again.


6 thoughts on “>Shattered

  1. Devon Ellington 10 May 2010 / 4:54 pm

    >When I have trouble sleeping, whether it's pain or some other reason, I take a couple of valerian capsules. They knock me out in about 30 minutes, keep me under for a good 8 hours, and I don't feel groggy when I wake up. I only use them a few times a month at most, but they help. Make sure you're actually HOME when you take them, don't drive.


  2. Jarmara Falconer 10 May 2010 / 5:09 pm

    >I don't have trouble sleeping, I have trouble staying awake.


  3. Diane 11 May 2010 / 9:52 am

    >Devon: I found some herbal remedies in the chemist, but even they said could cause grogginess the next day and to avoid driving. If I try this, it's going to have to be a day when I don't have to be anywhere the following morning.


  4. Diane 11 May 2010 / 9:53 am

    >Jarmara: I don't have any problem sleeping either, once I'm there. It's the getting there that's been the problem just lately.


  5. Sarah 29 May 2010 / 11:57 am

    >Diane, I've got a herbal sleep handout if you'd like it. You could probably do with some vervain (helps support adrenal burnout) and lots of nettles and nettle seed (I'm sure you've got plenty around you!)


  6. Diane 29 May 2010 / 2:38 pm

    >Sarah: I'm only just getting your comments through via comment moderation and I don't understand why.The sleeping seems to be returning to normal now, unaided, so I'll see how it goes but I know where you are. :o)


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