>Good work

>I sat in the yard yesterday soaking up glorious sunshine that wasn’t too hot, and I managed the manual edits on ALL of the magazine (that I have in). I also managed to get a bit of colour into my legs, arms and face. I got some washing done, and there’s another load almost ready to go out today.

Last night I stayed in, didn’t see the point in going to see a band if I couldn’t hear them.

Today I’m going to nip into the office to do the electronic edits (I could do that here, but the set up is better there and it will be quicker), and other database stuff I can only do there. On the way back I’ll pick up a bit of shopping and some bird food.

Tonight I’ll be staying in again. I’m still deaf, and I still have a bit of a throat, but the exhaustion seems to have finally disappeared.


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