>What a palaver

>Well, what a song and dance I’ve had looking for violet-flavoured ingredients. I found lots of websites in Europe that sell violet aroma, extract and flavouring, and one UK site that sells it, but it’s Very Expensive. The UK site is the cheapest, but even so it’s more than £20 (apx $28) with delivery. I can also get violet liquor from Europe – about 20ml for about €2 (about £1.70 or $2.45), so I checked how much I need … and the liquor/extract is optional, so I’ll opt out of that one for now.

Sugarcraft decorations are slightly better, I can get 20 – 50 sugar violets for around £2 ($3), or I can get a jar of crystalised violets if I can find a Waitrose (or order online) for around £3 ($5). I can get grape violet sugarpaste colouring, but I don’t know if I can use that in fondant icing (frosting), or I can mix red and blue together. I picked up a pack of sugar decorations last night for just over £1. I thought they were violet/lilac and white, but at home the purple ones actually look blue, so I may use just the white ones or I may get some proper ones from the internet. I can use violet syrup in the icing to flavour it, if I want and if I can find it, and I bought red and blue food colouring.

A friend asked why I couldn’t just stick to my usual currant or cherry buns. Well, I’m bored of those and I want to try something different. By the time I get around to these violet cupcakes, though, the summer will be almost over, let alone spring. I want to make them on Saturday and take some to my parents on Sunday.

Saffron, I found, is almost as valuable as gold. Just 1g for nearly £4 ($6). I’ll have to check that recipe, see how much I need and if it’s worth it. But I understand they use a lot in Cornwall, and I can’t see them paying gold prices in Cornwall.

Last night I also picked up a mint plant for the kitchen, and a bag of lemons. The lemon and mint biscuits (cookies) are a bit like shortbread, apparently, so if I make some of those on Saturday as well, the parents will be getting a batch of them too.

If I manage to make any of these on Saturday, I’m going to take a picture and post it in here.

Meanwhile, in the background (or, actually, in the foreground), I’m working hard on the magazine, on the gig list for June, on the Christmas annual, on the June budget, and on Catch the Rainbow.


2 thoughts on “>What a palaver

  1. Devon Ellington 27 May 2010 / 11:37 am

    >Have you checked herbal farms? Try asking Napier's in Edinburgh if they can recmmend a place. Napier's carries all of the herbal medicines and supplements, but sometimes the growers also sell herbs and flowers good for cooking. Buying from the grower might be cheaper.


  2. Diane 27 May 2010 / 11:47 am

    >Napiers didn't have anything remotely violet, but I didn't call them as I just found somewhere … more tomorrow. :o) I'll bookmark them for other stuff, though, thanks.


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