>Violet cupcakes!

>I don’t profess to be a food photographer, as will soon become evident, but I sure can cook.

Today I made a dozen violet cupcakes, 32 lemon & mint biscuits (cookies), and an apricot cut-and-come-again cake. I also did some work on the Christmas annual.

I’ve made the apricot cake loads of times, but I turned it from the pan too soon and it broke. But it still tastes perfectly fine and it will get a lot more broken up when it’s eaten.

Biscuits I’ve never had much joy with, and I thought these were going the same way. But they’ve cooked nicely and they taste like melt-in-your-mouth shortbread with the tangy taste of lemon and an … impression of mint. They’re still not brilliant, I should have had 40 and ended up with 32 – well, 33 but one was so small it’s hardly worth counting. All I can think is that my dough sausages weren’t long enough …

The cupcakes are delightful. I don’t know why I’ve never discovered fondant icing before now. It’s so much easier to use than glace icing, and it’s thicker so spreads better. I didn’t use any food colouring as the violet syrup already coloured the icing enough for me.


18 thoughts on “>Violet cupcakes!

  1. >I think you should bring some violet cupcakes to Caerleon then I'll test them.It all looks lovely so if you ever decide to send out food parcels can I be top of the list please?


  2. >Kate: They have a subtle violet taste. I think if I'd used violet extract instead of vanilla extract, and if I'd drenched the tops with violet liqueur, they may have been more violetty. But as both of those were optional, and as I would have needed to take out a bank loan to buy some …


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