>Very busy

>So much for it being a bank holiday weekend. I’ve been sooooo busy and not even had time to do my May Wrap Up or my June To Do. I’m also late finishing the gig list for June.

Saturday was baking and cooking and working on the Christmas annual. All day.

Sunday was Birmingham, which took up most of the day.

Yesterday I worked until 11pm on the Christmas annual – not solid, I did take breaks for food and to watch Britain’s Got Talent, but even so, I finished at 11pm.

Today I slept in and I still have last minute things to do on the annual. The official deadline was yesterday, but as yesterday was a bank holiday it got moved to today. However, I didn’t get all of the material in time that would have helped me get it done quicker, so I’m doing a few things the long way around. Today I’m tired, but it has to be done.

Back to work tomorrow for a 2 day week, then I need to take my ears to a high altitude somewhere and make them pop. Suggestions on a postcard.