>Navel gazing

>I’ve been doing some navel gazing over the weekend, contemplating a few things here and there, and I’m wondering if the Writers’ Holiday is actually the right thing for me just now. It will, of course, be great to see everybody and to be with so many like-minded people. But I have more deadlines looming before the end of July, and I’m thinking perhaps I should concentrate on those first.

There’s Voices from the Dearne Valley which, by the time the last week of July is here, I’m hoping will be at final proofing stage, or at least close. I’ve still not got Night Crawler published, although that is very nearly there. And next on my list is the first draft of Catch the Rainbow, which is the novel that everyone keeps on asking me for.

Should I spend time and effort on writing classes for new material, or should I get rid of the existing stuff first? I think I know the answer to that really, and I think I may convert the writer’s holiday into a writer’s retreat in a nice cottage somewhere, where I can combine it with a proper holiday too, do some walking, a bit of sightseeing.

And I’ve been wondering about the amount of time I put into the gig list, which is a fantastic resource and community for me, where I’ve met so many decent friends, and I do want to keep it going. But do I need to interact quite so much with it?

I want to write more short stories, I’d like to get a few more fillers published, I want to get back into the swing of being a freelance writer. I have the opportunity to do that this month and next with the magazine hopefully being put to bed this week and the Christmas annual delivered last Tuesday.

It was a relaxing weekend. My friend stayed until Saturday afternoon, so that bit of company was nice for a few days. I watched Britain’s Got Talent, as I said I would, Friday and Saturday. I went for a short walk in the rain yesterday morning, and got thoroughly soaked (thank “you” for the telling off!). Silly me, it was an easy walk so I went in jeans and trainers, and drove home with squelching feet and the blower drying the lower half of my legs. And last night I watched Soccer Aid 2010 (well done Rest of the World – was Very Nice to see Simon Baker in shorts …) and Michael Clayton.

Today I’m at home and wondering whether to go shopping, bake cakes, or write … Maybe I’ll do all three.