>Full House magazine – tomorrow (UK)

>I had quite a busy day yesterday. The remaining pdfs arrived at work, apart from the ones that hadn’t been written yet, plus some that already had one lot of Dutch corrections to them. I had to print off all the latest versions and new pdfs and save them. I also wrote the box for the back page (the one that gives the deadline for the next issue), plus the contents.

Copy typing the contents page always taxes me a little, because half of the copy typing is Dutch. It really is a case of touch typing and keeping my eyes on the letters, and then checking I’ve actually typed the right letters in the right order in the first place. If I make a mistake in the English it’s easier because I recognise it better, but I have to check and recheck my Dutch, and then get my boss to check my typing again.

At 10am I had a meeting with a work mate to try and work out a strategy to get some corporate funding for a really worthwhile project. We now know who to write to, how to do it, and he drafted his initial email. I’ll look that over for him and, all being well, we’ll send it off Friday when the person concerned is back in work.

I also had to do another bit of budget rejiggery. I expected the Barcelona story to be in Full House last month and payment here by now. But I did have a Plan B in case payment was delayed. Publication is this Thursday, tomorrow, 10 June, issue 25, dated 17 June. Payment will follow in 4 – 6 weeks. Good job I had that Plan B, eh?

My first lot of feedback for the Christmas annual arrived, and it’s looking okay at first glance. So long as we can get the extra artwork I asked for, and so long as we get the stills I need, I have hardly anything else to do on it. So long as …

I had a short story rejected at the weekend, and a novel rejected from the last mainstream publisher I sent it to. But I responded to 2 articles in 2 magazines on their letters pages, which means 2 fillers went off yesterday. And I took the magazine pdfs home to proof.

In the middle of all of this, a lovely 140g bar of Dairy Milk chocolate arrived on my desk, by special delivery. That was a nice treat.

Today I have to type up my pdf corrections and send them over to the designer in Holland, and I’ll also have the final article to proof and submit (said she hopefully). I’d like to send out another 2 fillers, and I want to get some competitions entered as I’ve been slacking since my big win earlier in the year.

On Sunday I ordered rain. This week I’ve not been very popular as it’s rained every single day since. But I love it and can smell the ground drinking it in. Everywhere looks very clean. And wet.


6 thoughts on “>Full House magazine – tomorrow (UK)

  1. carolwarham 9 June 2010 / 8:30 am

    >Good luck with the fillers etc. We do need the rain. I drove over to my mums on Monday, via Glossop and past the reservoirs. I was shocked to see how empty they were.Just make sure the rain remembers it is to stop at some point!


  2. Diane 9 June 2010 / 8:40 am

    >We also have fog today. I think this weather's in for the week, but again I was surprised that they still hadn't filled the weir at Scout Dyke. Maybe they don't need our water any more.


  3. Diane 10 June 2010 / 9:11 am

    >Jenny: Yes I am. :o)


  4. Diane 10 June 2010 / 9:11 am

    >Melissa: And cake. :oD


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