>Where did the time go?

>I can’t believe I’ve not been on since Thursday – I must have been very busy at work on Friday. In between work last week, the biggest job of my own that I did was enter more than 40 competitions, mostly cash prizes but a few with holidays or goods for prizes instead. I’d let those slip since my £1,000 win earlier in the year, which is why there were so many to catch up on.

At work I was waiting for the new magazine to arrive, and though I’m not there today, I assume it’s arrived because I’ve received feedback by email, which is always welcome. I’ll deal with that tomorrow when I get back in. I quite like the current magazine, I think it’s very bright and cheerful and it looks interesting.

On Friday I entertained several work colleagues, one after the other, in my office, and had positive news for the fundraising mate. Not a definite YES yet, not a NO either, more a “I’m asking around”, which was what I suggested may happen. I settled down Friday evening to watch England v Algeria and, like much of the country – and no doubt every England fan that travelled out there – I was sorely disappointed with the performance.

On Saturday I did my shopping workout with all intentions to do some baking and cooking when I got in. However, the England game on Friday was so diabolically bad, when I got distracted by a “proper” game on telly, the baking went out the window. The Australia v Ghana game was really good – I like a good sending off, even it it is a nice footballer. I stayed in Saturday evening as I wanted to be fresh to drive Sunday morning.

On Sunday it was Father’s Day so I drove down to see my dad, and my mom, and saw my sister and one of my nieces there too. We had a good laugh, as usual, and discussed the cat-sitting while I go to the Lake District, and I’m delighted that my sister was actually keen to come and have a holiday in Yorkshire so I don’t have to travel anywhere with the cats. Mom and Dad may still come and visit for a few days, but this solution kills several birds with one stone.

When I got home I had a delicious couple of hours watching Hugh Jackman in Kate and Leopold. I watched Legally Blonde 2 too, and several times wondered why I was still doing so at various intervals …

Today I’ve been working at home. I’ve done a washing workout already, and will do another when I fetch it in, and I’ve been proofing Night Crawler galleys. I’ve decided to stick to the original publishing schedule even though the first one will be late, and I’m going to add a large print version to the set. The paperback will still appear in November with the next one 6 months after that.

I have to scan in the artwork I have, but I don’t think my scanner is working at the moment. Once I’ve done that, and changed the electronic galleys, I can crop the artwork and send the book to print. I’m sorry it’s taken so long, but I’ve been so busy in the last couple of months.

I don’t know whether I’ll also do an ironing workout, but the intention is there. I also want to batch-cook a spaghetti bolognaise for tea and I’ll maybe also throw a batch of easy buns together too.

8 thoughts on “>Where did the time go?

  1. Lacey Devlin 22 June 2010 / 12:39 am

    >Nasty scanner 😦 My own is having a tantrum about the new windows which leads to my own little breakdown. It sort of works… if you don't mind the millions of error messages (major step up from the not working if you ask me 😉 )


  2. Diane 22 June 2010 / 8:23 am

    >It's an all-in-one printer and everything else works fine on it. I think it lost the drivers at some point and every time I try to reload them online, something falls over. I'll be getting my new laptop soon, so the re-install might improve it, but it is annoying when I have a lovely little scanner there but can't use it.


  3. carolwarham 22 June 2010 / 12:13 pm

    >Well hello there. 40 competitions! Fingers crossed you will have some winners in that lot. Isn't the weather gorgeous, lovely for us on EARLY retirement, even with a birthday last week its still EARLY. I've had a go at rubbing down an old varnished kitchen chair and its ready to paint now. It was an interesting challenge but I don't think I'll be doing too many of them. Hope the scanner gets sorted ok. Take care


  4. Diane 22 June 2010 / 1:54 pm

    >Carol: I'm banking on a law of averages … It's been windy here, and the wind has been biting. But generally, yes, it is nice.#Glad you're still enjoying your VERY EARLY retirement.


  5. Diane 22 June 2010 / 1:54 pm

    >Devon: Thank you. Yes, it is.


  6. Josie 22 June 2010 / 3:47 pm

    >40 competitions – wow, hubby just does those in take a break magazine every week but nothing else, mind you he's won twiceJosie x


  7. Diane 23 June 2010 / 9:27 am

    >I couldn't afford to do it if I had to buy all the magazines, and I don't have time (and am not at home during the day) to watch the TV programmes. I really appreciate the MSEs for lots of things, but the comps thing is one of the biggest. Normally so many comps would be a full time job.


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