>This n that

>Yesterday was interesting. We had our first emergency budget from our new coalition government … and it’s gone down like a bucket of sick in most quarters, mostly because it seems election manifestos have been contradicted and party leaders have turned their coats. As usual.

Today will also be interesting. England play what could possibly be their last game in the World Cup. England expects, but England is not holding its breath, I suspect.

Work is busy. I have contributors’ guidelines to finalise and get out as standard as too many things are being allowed to slip just so we get publication on time. I have work to do for the website too, which involves writing, interviewing, more writing, checking, arranging photographs, and publishing. And planning is already underway for the next magazine despite this one only just coming out. I still have that full editorial board 3-country 4-site video conference to arrange, but also a face-to-face meeting between the 3 senior editors.

Freelance-wise, I have edits to do for the Christmas annual, more proofing on Night Crawler, and transcribing for the history book – although when I went to visit our 2 local history groups last week for photography help with this, there they were gone. I want to be writing short stories, but the market is shrinking. I do have another publication to try a couple of recent rejections with, and I’m seriously considering some of the anthology and novella markets, but I can’t see me being very successful in the short fiction market any time soon. I want to be writing articles too, but the research is just too time consuming when I already have so much to do.

As far as life goes, I need to be getting on with the gig list for July over the next few days – I can’t believe it’s almost the end of June already. I’m going to my first gig in ages on Friday, at my member club, to see 2 different but favourite bands. And I’m toying with getting that sewing machine again. After yesterday’s budget increasing VAT to a whopping 20%, and with me rarely finding summery clothes that I actually like, I’m contemplating making my own again. I got back into the cooking for myself well enough, I’m sure I could do the same with my sewing. I used to make soft furnishings too.

The weather is nice, it’s cooler today than it was yesterday, but still sunny and warm.