>Yesterday I bought a new diary, an academic one that runs from July to July. I bought a diary at the end of last year but was so skint I had to get the cheapest I could work with. But it’s an A5, week to a page, and the appointments are an hour a line. I write everything down in my diary (in pencil, apart from permanent stuff like birthdays and anniversaries, which go down in pen), and it was looking so cramped I’d often look at it and think: It’s too much, I can’t do it.

I have Filo-Faxes, an A5 and an A4, but the inserts are so expensive I went for a proper diary this time and last. Now I have a fatter A5 diary with a day per page, 2 lines for every hour, and up to 4 hours for lunch. This means I can still write everything down, but the extra white space on the page cons me into thinking there’s less to do so I may as well do it.

Last night I sat in front of the telly filling in the first month of my new diary – FAVE activity as regular readers will know. And what I’ve done is ONLY include the things I want to clear before the end of July – the day job obviously gets priority, Night Crawler proofs, Catch the Rainbow, and Voices from the Dearne Valley. The Christmas annual edits didn’t go in because I want to finish those in June, today if possible. The holiday at the end of July did go in.

Devon gave me the name of a website resource that lists anthologies looking for short stories, and while I think my existing stories are far too twee, I’m feeling inspired to start adding these to my workload again. I cancelled my subscription to Writing Magazine because I don’t read it – always manage Writers’ Forum though, for some reason – but I may re-start a subscription to just Writers’ News as that also lists anthologies calling for submissions. I think my short story writing has to “grow up” if I want to continue getting published. So, heap big thanks to Devon for the inspiration (as ever) and suggestion.

Because I was hunched over the diary on the settee (I really should do this work at my desk), my lower back is in agony. But at least I’m feeling positive and motivated. It is weird, though, starting a new diary in the middle of the summer. Inside my head I’m calling it a new start after the Summer Solstice, rather than worrying that the year has turned and is on its way to its end.

Slight change of plan this weekend. I was going walking on Sunday morning, but now I have a couple of complimentary tickets to preview a film that will be out at the end of next month. It’s an 11am screening in Sheffield, and even if I go on my own I want to do this and at least write a review for the blog. I may also see if any of the local newspapers need a review of this particular film. I may go walking Sunday afternoon instead, but I shall see.

Today I’m being yelled at to get my edits done. I got distracted by the budget, the football, and strangers wandering into my office asking for sponsorship, coffee and chat. Oh, and the day job. I have to do the day job first.

Ooh, almost forgot – England won yesterday and are through to the next round of the FIFA World Cup 2010 … but they play Germany on Sunday, so our joy is short-lived. It was such a shock, it completely slipped my mind …

10 thoughts on “>Psychobabble

  1. jenny wilson 24 June 2010 / 10:49 am

    >I love getting a new diary and filling it in!one ofmy fav activities!


  2. Diane 24 June 2010 / 10:50 am

    >If I could spend my entire life filling in a diary, I'd be content forever.


  3. Devon Ellington 24 June 2010 / 10:52 am

    >Always glad to help. also, the website for POETS & WRITERS has market listings which are sometimes helpful.I forgot to mention the US beat Algeria and we're going on, too. It was a happy surprise, the Brit commentators hired in for US coverage all made fun of the US and said we'd get our asses kicked and never make it out.Do some yoga stretches for your lower back. I usually do the forward bend, both seated and standing, and the Frog to unkink the lower back.I used the Wtiches' Datebook from Llewellyn — partly because my articles were in it for so many years, and partly because I like the format and the astrological info. It's 6 x 9 (inches), spiral-bound, and has a week on each double-spread of two pages. No hours — I feel too constricted by having those printed.I found that if I use a weekly diary instead of a page-a-day, I don't overbook. If it doesn't fit in the little space, I'm doing too much and I say no! 😉


  4. Diane 24 June 2010 / 10:58 am

    >Isn't it strange how we all work in such different ways? I like to see the white space so I know I have plenty of time to do it, yet you prefer it to look busier so you don't take on too much. My slots are rigid, though. If they're full, they're full.Yes, the USA got a good result yesterday too – AND CAME TOP IN THE GROUP. I didn't hear the commentary so can't comment, but we Brits do have the Americans down as "footballers" rather than "soccer players". A bit like if we took up baseball, I suppose.


  5. Teresa Ashby 24 June 2010 / 11:57 am

    >It feels weird that the year has turned already.I love your new look blog.


  6. Diane 24 June 2010 / 12:19 pm

    >Thank you. I like to give it a bit of a shake up every so often.


  7. Colin Galbraith 24 June 2010 / 9:39 pm

    >Where did you get the diary? It's JUST what I need to marry it up with my GDR plans…


  8. Milton 24 June 2010 / 10:05 pm

    >The orange on your blog is the same as Muttie's kitchen (very pretty). Did England get through then??Milt x


  9. Diane 25 June 2010 / 8:34 am

    >Colin: I got mine from Staples, but most stationers seem to have them at the moment. Failing that, you could always see if you can get them direct from Collins or someone.


  10. Diane 25 June 2010 / 8:34 am

    >Milton: Yes, yes they did – by the skin of their teeth, but not for long I fear.


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