>And panic

>I slept in this morning. Well, I was actually wide awake at stupid o’clock thanks to the kittykat shuffle and when I was about ready to shoot the next wood pigeon outside my window to open its beak by 6am, I just knew that I’d go back to sleep and forget to wake up … I should have set the alarm.

At 8am I was rudely awakened by the sound of rubble rolling down my roof and onto the street below … something on my roof was crumbling … I think it’s just the compo around the base of the chimney, but it may be the chimney pots.

Yesterday evening we had a cracking downpour, but minutes after it started my gutter was already pouring.

Once I’d got up and checked that there were no chimney pots in my street, I sent a text to the roofer saying I needed him or an alternative number NOW after all, and not in a couple of months when he originally thought he could do it and I was originally happy to wait.

Only I sent the text to my nephew instead of the roofer …

Ever had one of those days?

My chimney pots are crooked, they’ve moved and don’t look very stable. A neighbour’s friend very kindly offered to go up, cap the chimney off, and take the chimney pots back to his garden … erm, if my chimney pots are going in anyone’s garden, they’re going in mine. But when I pointed this out to him, he said I was spiteful and selfish and us Brummies never give anything away. Well, do forgive me, but they’re MY chimney pots. And so he said he’d go up there when I’m not in and take them down anyway …

Ho-hum …

I’ve already spoken to the neighbour on the other side and we’ve agreed to get some quotes for some fencing. I’ll call the council, see how high the fence can be and what access we have to leave – I don’t think we have to leave any as my neighbour is the last in the row, and so long as I leave gates for him to get to his garage, I don’t think there will be a problem. I already wanted to get this fencing done to keep the kids from leaving their bikes on my land and stop them running their go-karts into my fence. (“But your fence is already falling down.” [This from an adult, not the kids.] Then it doesn’t need any help, does it?) My neighbour wanted to fence it off to keep the kids off his garage. And now, if my other neighbour’s friend is threatening to hike up to my roof when I’m not in and help himself to my chimney pots, he can take a hike.

Historical interlude
When our houses were built, there were toilets in the back yards and several houses shared blocks of 2 toilets. When the houses were given bathrooms, the toilet blocks were demolished and coal bunkers were installed instead. As the coal man had to get to these coal bunkers, vehicular access was left and we were all given little fenced off yards, but we own the land right the way to the back, we just have to leave pedestrian access for any houses beyond ours. Because these “back-ins” are still open, there’s a lot of neighbourly … “interaction”. Good for community, but rubbish for security. If I fence my land off, I can be private and secure.
End of historical interlude

So, where was I? Oh yes, this morning.

So, with all this going on, as I was driving to work this morning I was sure I’d forgotten something, something Very Important. When I got in (to find my locked door unlocked and wide open and with the key still in the lock) I realised I’d left my pencil case at home, and my memory stick is in the pencil case. If that was all, I could live with it.

Then I went to get my diary out of my bag … and it wasn’t there. Cue PANIC.

It’s been a nightmare not having my diary just open on my desk. Perhaps I need to wean myself off it, make any future separation easier to bear … Whatever, I feel lost without my diary and I can’t remember what I’m supposed to be doing today. Not that it’s a problem, it’s been like New Street Station this morning. I’ve had so many people in and out, some even blatantly came in despite seeing I was already with someone. I’ve also been to beg for article ideas from a department head, and to return the master key to the master key holder and ask why the key was left in my lock …

Ah yes, I did manage to send the text to the right person in the end, but it was nice touching base with my nephew too. The roofer’s going to sort someone out for me ASAP. I hope it’s not going to cost a lot of money. I can budget for it, and I probably will be able to afford to, but it would have been nice to keep some of it for a little while longer for a change.

Oh, it’s been a fun day. And I still can’t remember what I should be doing.

4 thoughts on “>And panic

  1. Josie 29 June 2010 / 1:12 pm

    >erm not spiteful and selfish, your chimney pots – yes agree with that, a few weeks after we moved here the houses opposite are privately owned and at the bottom of the garden, we had put up half a new fence(we chopped it in half to fit in the transit van when we moved!) and they had a mechanical digger in the garden and started taking the fence down, his argument was the fence was broken, yes, but its OUR broken fence, nothing to do with you! this carried on for about five minutes and guess what, our fence is still there 🙂 neighbours – aren't they great! Josie x


  2. Diane 29 June 2010 / 1:25 pm

    >He thought it was very funny and very acceptable.Already checked with the council. A fence is fine up to 2m so long a he's happy and he's the last of the access holders.


  3. Rare Lesser Spotted 29 June 2010 / 4:28 pm

    >i love the phrase 'stupid o'clock,' so descriptive. I'm glad you only texted the roofer :)X


  4. Diane 29 June 2010 / 4:45 pm

    >Me too, Steve! :oD


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