>Search party

>I got home yesterday evening and the first thing I did was get a search party out for my diary. It wasn’t in any of the places I’d expect it to be, so it’s no wonder it got left out of my bag. Once I found it, I checked to see if I’d done everything … and I hadn’t. Three crosses instead of ticks – booo.

A baked potato went into the oven and I did a 30 minute Wii-Fit workout, which actually lasted closer to 40 minutes. This isn’t good – the extra 10 minutes I mean. I understand the Wii Personal Trainer (or is it My Fitness Coach?) is better and I want to look at that and the new Wii-Fit. But before I get any more Wii stuff, I want to conquer what I have already. When I’ve activated and done all of the Yoga poses, all the muscle exercises I want to do, all the aerobics, and all the balance games, and can do them with more ease than I can at the moment, then I’ll get one or the other of the new ones.

Watched some of the Portugal v Spain game last night, then caught up with more CSI NY and Miami. I think the Miami one last night was series 7, a bit of a jump from series 3, and while I thought the NY one was series 3 too, a character appeared in last night’s that was supposed to be locked up for 4 years in the last one I watched, so I’m clearly watching all of these out of kilter.

Today I want to do the jobs I didn’t do yesterday, plus as many of today’s jobs that I can fit in. Then this is the end of the current diary as the brand spanking new one starts tomorrow. I’ll also have June Wrap Up and July To Do up by the end of tomorrow as it’s the 1st of the month.