>Chores and Wii

>Friday night saw me at my member club after all, supporting another of my favourite bands who had stepped into the breach at short notice to fill a cancellation, and they travelled a fair distance too. We had a great time and it’s always fun to catch up with these guys.

Saturday was shopping and baking. I baked a granary loaf, made 4 individual green jellies, and a dozen banana muffins. I also seem to be catching up with the CSI old series but I think we’re bang up to date with the Miami one (although I’m still watching old ones because I only just started).

Sunday was a day spent almost entirely on the Wii. I’m selling a few DVDs for recycling so thought I may as well finish at least one of the games. I did several hours playing a RPGA game, about an hour playing Wii Sports (this will bore me as there’s not enough variety), and about an hour on Wii Fit (but I’m not selling that one yet – I do think I’m going to graduate onto Wii Fit Plus, though, when I’m done with this one). I had fun creating a couple more Wii Miis (wee me) so that mine has a few more to play with. I made one for my sister in case she wants to have a play while she’s here at the end of the month.

This morning I did a weekly weigh in, and while the Wii thinks I’m still the same weight, the scales say I’m 2lb lighter. So I tried the Wii balance board in a few different places in the living room, and I got a different weight and BMI every time. This is either due to the carpet, I think, or the uneven floor. I’ve tried the scales in different places, on a hard floor, and they keep coming back with the 2lb weight loss … so I am as well, then.

I have washing in, so there will be a washing workout to hang that out and fetch it back in, I also plan to do an ironing workout in front of the telly. I’m getting rid of some films and TV series too, so thought I’d watch the ones I haven’t finished yet. I’ll also do some reading and some writing. At tea time I’ll batch cook a 6-portion chicken casserole.

It’s a 4 day week at work this week. I’m going to be busy planning/booking the magazine, finishing those contributors’ guidelines (might make that a priority tomorrow), and I need to pick up the website work again and chase the people that haven’t come back to me.

6 thoughts on “>Chores and Wii

  1. carolwarham 5 July 2010 / 10:36 am

    >I'm exhausted just reading this! Glad you had a good Friday night and productive weekend. Scales are always more true when on solid ground not carpet. If they say you've lost 2lb they must be right.Hope you have as good a week at work.


  2. Ordinary Man 5 July 2010 / 1:21 pm

    >Make it a 12 portion casserole Di and send me some down. On my own this week and as our local indian has sucummed to 'enviromental health' issues this week…explains the triple jump style run-up to the smallest room in the house on a Sunday morning…I feel I will be in need of Bob Geldof and Midge Ures help by Friday. Life is Hell!


  3. Diane 6 July 2010 / 9:28 am

    >Carol: It's going to be a busy week at work.


  4. Diane 6 July 2010 / 9:28 am

    >Devon: Doesn't always feel like it.


  5. Diane 6 July 2010 / 9:29 am

    >Nidge: Am less than 2 hours away (it's been taking me 1 hour 35 minutes since they widened the M1), you can always nip here for yer tea. However, I decided to roast the chicken portions instead of casserole them, but they're just as nice.


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