>There it was gone

>My ganglion.

I’ve never had one before so it was a surprise when this one suddenly appeared on the back of my wrist. I did get it lanced, but when it came back almost straight away I thought I’d give it time for any swelling to die down. It never did and at the weekend I was contemplating getting back onto the hospital to ask about having it cut out this time. Then yesterday, the wrist got really quite painful and last night, when I went to massage the ganglion, there it was gone. Just like that.

I know not from whence it came; I know not to where it went. But it is gone, it is no longer ugly, and it no longer hurts. I must have ruptured it while pushing the washing into the laundry basket or something.

Yesterday was a massive ironing day and had I got enough coat hangers I probably would have emptied the ironing basket for the first time ever. As it is, I need at least 7 coat hangers, for that’s how many items are left in there. (There may be more at the bottom of the laundry basket too.)

I watched 7 episodes of Sex and the City series 4 and still have 6 episodes to go before parting with the DVD boxed set.

Then I had a couple of hours trying to finish one of the Wii games – Secret Files: Tunguska – I didn’t, it’s a HUGE game, but I do wish they’d cut the waffle and/or give us a fast forward button when they’re taking their time crossing the screen. (We can fast forward the waffle but we might miss a single gem amid a mass of guff, which is also quite frustrating and time consuming.)

I got some reading done too, and got a load of stuff ready for work.

Today I’m at the office and it took this long to catch up on emails and add appointments to my calendar. I’m not sure of the order in which I’ll do things, but it will be a full day. And it looks as though Blogger may be having a blip as it lost several of my replies to previous comments …

8 thoughts on “>There it was gone

  1. carolwarham 6 July 2010 / 9:52 am

    >Great news on the ganglion…weird though.Went to meet the chickens again today. As they are owned by the church we may call them Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Not sure how the chickens may take to that, then again we may have the first transexual chickens….good layers though.


  2. Ordinary Man 6 July 2010 / 12:23 pm

    >ahhhh, the dangerous activity of putting washing in the basket! That explains why my young 'un seems to not have anything to do with it. Tut…teenagers


  3. Milton 6 July 2010 / 8:23 pm

    >Your ganglion? My, what a lovely post. Muttie thinks she's broken the pinkie on her left hand. It's all swollen. She remembers falling off a ladder while trying to put right the bathroom curtains and she was rather inebriated at the time. But three months hence, it's all swollen and she hopes, being a hypochondriac, it's not a cancerous lump…Your, ever-suffering Milt xx


  4. Lacey Devlin 7 July 2010 / 1:34 am

    >Yay on the ganglion vanishing! I had one in my ankle joint but luckily it reabsorbed by itself. Those darn joint fluids are conspiring against us 😉


  5. Diane 7 July 2010 / 8:56 am

    >Carol: These chickens sound very interesting. Are you taking them home or just adopting them?


  6. Diane 7 July 2010 / 8:56 am

    >Nidge: It only plays up when the wrist and hand are in the handstand position. As that is usually just pushing something in my case, that's when it hurt.


  7. Diane 7 July 2010 / 8:57 am

    >Milton: She's had it 3 months? Then it's probably set itself in its crooked position. She should get it checked.


  8. Diane 7 July 2010 / 8:58 am

    >Lacey: They're much more rare on the ankle, aren't they? Sometimes mine looks like it's coming back, then it goes down again …


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