>Walking bag packed

>I already have my walking bag packed. My walking shoes and socks are always in the car (until the socks start to smell, then I wash them …), and my rucksack is always packed with waterproofs, dressings, and a change of socks …

Three books are going with me in my walking bag – well, 2 books and a map:

I can’t remember the title of my bird guide, but one of those is packed in as well. Plus pocket binoculars, a notebook, and mechanical pencil. (No pen as the ink rarely works in the damp.) Before I go I’ll colour-photocopy the relevant bits of the book and map so I can put those in my map holder rather than risk ruining the books in the rain, but the books will still be with me.

A few amendments to the annual came back from the client late yesterday, so I’ll clear those some time today/this evening. Meanwhile it’s more of the day job, and a bit of a mopping up after a shock announcement at yesterday’s All Staff presentation. We’re all feeling a little battle-weary.

Oh, and an idea for a column based on the world famous nutter magnet hit me between the eyes as I drove in to work this morning. I want to start jotting down ideas for this and maybe a couple of others that are jostling for attention.