>This time next week …

>… is when I’ll be packing my little car and heading off to the frozen northerer. Only I understand it’s not so frozen at the moment. This is bad as water levels are very low just now, and I believe a hosepipe ban has been imposed in Cockermouth from today.

I’m going to pause while you think about that. Cockermouth looked like this in November 2009. What did they DO with all that water?

Not long after the floods I went for a walk around one of our managed reservoirs at Scout Dyke. Water levels have been at an all time low for months, and the water hadn’t been saved at all. Either someone forgot to put the plug back in, or the water companies actually enjoy being able to charge us for their incompetencies and want to control the amount of water we’re allowed to have/use. They say there are leaks that have to be repaired. Well, try putting the plug in.

Ahem. Oops, that one turned into a bit of a mini rant, didn’t it? Sorry.

So, the Voices book … Devon gave me a slapped behind and made me shake myself up (thank you, love). If there are no photographs, there are no photographs, and there’s not a lot I can do about that other than admit defeat. Even so, I do have lots of words and I am having one last go at finding photographs. If I can get the pictures sorted before my deadline, I can contact the publisher with an actual date that I’ll be able to deliver. It will still be late, but hopefully it will still be. Please send lots of photo-vibes. If I get some “thens” I can do the “nows” myself.

I looked at my pile of market study magazines. I was going to put them all in a plastic box I have and take No Contacts? No Problem! with me. But the stack is so huge it won’t fit in the box. I might go through them and pick 10 – 15 of the most likely looking. I’ll see if I can find contributors’ guidelines online for any and print those off too.

For 11 days I’m going to be a full time freelance writer again – 13 days if you include the time on either side and if I use it wisely. I’m looking forward to that, but it ain’t gonna happen for another week.