>Busy day

>Today is a very busy day, with lots of running around and chores to do. Carol knew there would be lists. :o)

  • Make up the guest room.
  • Get some washing put through, on the line, brought in, ironed.
  • Last minute grocery shopping.
  • Colour-photocopy pages of walking book and sections of map.
  • Pack writing bag, book bag, computer bag, sponge bag, clothes bag, handbag.
  • Check rucksack, walking boots/socks, coat stash in car boot.
  • Write instructions and phone numbers and things for my sister.
  • Clean house, tidy up.
  • Check car fluids and air.
  • Charge batteries.

Tomorrow I change my bed in case my parents decide to come up for a few days, pack the food, pack the car. I filled the petrol tank yesterday on my way home from work because fuel is cheaper at that petrol station.

I don’t go until about 2pm, so there will be a post in the morning.