>Busy day

>Today is a very busy day, with lots of running around and chores to do. Carol knew there would be lists. :o)

  • Make up the guest room.
  • Get some washing put through, on the line, brought in, ironed.
  • Last minute grocery shopping.
  • Colour-photocopy pages of walking book and sections of map.
  • Pack writing bag, book bag, computer bag, sponge bag, clothes bag, handbag.
  • Check rucksack, walking boots/socks, coat stash in car boot.
  • Write instructions and phone numbers and things for my sister.
  • Clean house, tidy up.
  • Check car fluids and air.
  • Charge batteries.

Tomorrow I change my bed in case my parents decide to come up for a few days, pack the food, pack the car. I filled the petrol tank yesterday on my way home from work because fuel is cheaper at that petrol station.

I don’t go until about 2pm, so there will be a post in the morning.

4 thoughts on “>Busy day

  1. Devon Ellington 15 July 2010 / 11:33 am

    >An astrologer I spoke to yesterday said we Pisces would be travelling next week! I'm also thoroughly confused about Jupiter –went into it in detail on the blog.


  2. Ordinary Man 15 July 2010 / 1:08 pm

    >If not this coming Saturday, the one after, counts as next week the us pisces are indeed on the move…Shell Island in Wales, giving the camping gear another outing/dowsing.I'm busy tonight/tomorrow Di so can't post then so have a good 'un. Lots of photos please.


  3. Diane 16 July 2010 / 8:21 am

    >Devon: Your blog is a bit harder to navigate from the mobile phone so I'll have a look when I've settled at the other end. Never know, there may be wi fi there yet.


  4. Diane 16 July 2010 / 8:24 am

    >Nidge: I keep forgetting you're a pisces too. You've switched it off on your facebook. There will, hopefully, be lots of pictures.


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