>Today’s the day

>At last I’m off on my summer holiday. Ten days in the beautiful Lake District, in an isolated cottage, with no internet, no distractions, and lots of lovely walking and sightseeing country. A friend or 2 are planning on coming up to visit for the day. Oh, and I’m taking some work too. It is, after all, a writer’s retreat.

My sister is here this morning. I’m going to give her a crash course on the Wii and introduce her to her Mii, tell her all about the cats, and then at about 2pm I’ll be off.

Send me lots of good working/writing vibes.

I hope the lakes fill up enough for me to take a steamer ride on Ullswater. I’m taking an A5 project notebook with me for my travel journal – I was going to buy a dedicated travel journal, but with lots of pages, indexed tabs and pockets for tickets and postcards and things, this one’s good enough – and will upload my travel diary and pictures when I get back.

So you don’t miss me too much I’ve prepared a handful of pre-scheduled posts. Back on 27 July.