>Twenty five years ago

>I couldn’t let today go by without a spot of … nostalgia …

Twenty-five years ago today I married my first husband, Brian. We married at St Nicholas Church in Elmdon Park, Solihull. Lindsay and Andrea were bridesmaids in peach, Neil was best man in silvery grey, my sister was heavy withchild, our grandma was still with us. I wore a borrowed dress in white meringue … and Dad hired a vintage car.

We were young, we were playing house. He decided he wanted kids, I never had and never would. After 3 years we parted. I think he found happiness, I think he had kids, I think they’re still together.

It could’ve been my silver wedding anniversary today. That’s actually quite a scary thought.

No regrets.

Thanks to Nidge for the timely reminder on Live Aid day.