>I interrupt this travelogue to bring you today’s update. Watch out for 2 posts per day for the next 10 days.

How many days’ worth of words and pictures did I accumulate in the end? I could only limit it to 10 pictures max per day because Blogger goes a bit daft otherwise. So you’ll be getting Lake District posts for the next 10 days – the first is beneath this post.

I had such good intentions this morning. I’d filled in my diary with various segments of work – work and household related – but when I finally dragged myself out of bed (isn’t your own bed always great the first night back?), I just didn’t feel much like doing anything. I’d uploaded most of the words and pictures last night, but there were still a few things to do, and I finally got everything done – including 2 washloads, and then it rained before I could hang them out – by about midday.

Ah yes, I also had a sort of “rejeptance” … I’d fired a short story off to a new market to me, the fiction editor of which everyone seems to love. I received an email this morning asking me to resubmit it later in the year as it’s a Christmas story … Now, is that good or is it bad? Surely she would have said if she hated it.

My dilemma now is, I wrote a bonfire night story specifically for another magazine I have had lots published in before, I was just waiting for the call for bonfire night submissions (some will know who I mean here). That call also arrived in my in box while I was away.

So, do I send the new market the bonfire night story meanwhile, while I’m still fresh in her mind, or do I fire it straight out to the magazine I wrote it for? If the magazine I’ve written for before responded a little quicker, it wouldn’t be an issue. Either way, I think I’ll crack on with one of the stories I started last week and get that off to the potential new market ASAP. Of course, I’ll email her a reply, thanking her for her time and saying yes of course I can resubmit it. But I want to be able to send her something very soon – I think she must at least like something about my writing.

I printed off the latest contributors’ guidelines for My Weekly (fiction, long and short, and non-fiction) and Woman’s Weekly (fiction, long and short), but for the rest of the day I didn’t feel like doing much. Anyway, I’m still “on holiday”, and as I was quite pleased with the final list of what I achieved while I was away, I thought I deserved the rest of the day off.

>Barnsley –> Ullswater

>I’d had such a busy day on Thursday that I was exhausted by the time I fell into bed. That didn’t necessarily mean a restful night, though – or not at first. Things kept running through my head, like did I pack the camera usb? should I leave the key in the front door in case my sister comes early? and so on. Finally, though, I did fall into a deep sleep and I got up at 8:50am.

There were still a few jobs to be done, like change my bed, pack the car, pack the food, write instructions for the cat food, etc. My sister was running a little late because my nephew was coming back to Sheffield with her (he was graduating on the Wednesday I was going to be away), but when they got to mine, we had a cuppa, a chinwag, I showed her the Wii Fit, told her where to find everything.

Finally at around 2pm I headed off, first to the M1 (drizzle), then to the M62 (glorious sunshine), the M60, and the M6 (raving mad traffic). It was Friday afternoon, the M6 was doing its impression of the biggest car park in the country, by the time I got through it I was ready for a rest, and an ice cream. So I stopped for 20 minutes.

I reached my destination at around 5:30pm where my hostess was waiting to greet me and show me around. The cottage is lovely, just like home from home with everything I could possibly need – apart from internet, but that was deliberate.

Here then is what my cottage, Robin’s Nest, looks like:

The small but perfectly adequate kitchenette:

A lovely, comfortable lounge, with Freeview on the telly and a DVD too:

My bedroom for the duration:

The owners’ garden that those hiring a cottage are permitted to share:

While I had my tea I glanced up to see my nearest neighbours:

I took photographs before I made the place untidy, grabbed a bite to eat, watched some telly, and had an early night.