>Orientation drive


The weather was a bit wet and windy so I decided on an orientation drive for day 2 instead of a steamer ride. I left the A66 and joined the A592 to head down to Ullswater itself. On the way I passed Dalmain House, a property I had every intention of returning to later in the week, but never did.

When I got down to Ullswater, I was delighted and amazed to see it full to almost overflowing. The rain dance worked. The road is quite hairy and very close to the water’s edge in many places. All it needed was a distraction and the car (and I) would be saying hello to the fishes.

There are lots of little places to park up and stop off, some are pay and display, others are free. As I was only stopping to take pictures, I didn’t pay anything.

There were canoes on the lake (or kayaks, depending on what country you live in):

Ullswater really is scenic:

The ducks came to say hello:

My first glance of one of the Ullswater “steamers” – this one looks like the “Lady Wakefield”, built in 1949 and fully restored and renamed in 2007:

Back on the A592 I climbed upwards towards Windermere:

Looking back to Ullswater:

This wall is the same height as me, 5’ 4”:

I watched a kestrel hunting over this stretch of water but wasn’t quick enough with the camera:

I can’t imagine what use a dry stone wall would be here:

My first glimpse of Windermere – again, I watched a kestrel hover here, but it was too far away to get a picture:

This last picture was taken just below Kirkstone Pass. There’s a short cut down to Ambleside, but the road is narrow, winding, very dangerous and often closed. It’s not called The Struggle for nothing, but as I’d already been down The Struggle when someone else was driving, I didn’t need to do it again while I was driving.

I didn’t stay in Windermere. I’ve done Windermere before and will no doubt do it again, so instead of turning left to go around this lake and Coniston Water, I turned right towards Grasmere.

2 thoughts on “>Orientation drive

  1. Devon Ellington 27 July 2010 / 10:54 am

    >How beautiful. I always get nervous if the road's too close to the edge without a rail. One of the many reasons I don't drive in Italy!


  2. Diane 27 July 2010 / 11:26 am

    >I got used to it as the week progressed, but never felt comfortable with it.


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