>Dove Cottage and Wordsworth Museum


I’d not stopped at Grasmere before, just driven through it, so this time I pulled up to visit Dove Cottage, the home of William Wordsworth for 8 years according to the lady leading our tour today. He lived there with his sister Dorothy and their friend Mary, who was to become Wordsworth’s wife. They had 3 of their 5 children while they lived at Dove Cottage, 2 of whom were later to die in childhood.

The entry fee is quite confusing, but works out at £8.50 altogether including parking. The car park fee is a lofty £5, but they give you a refund of £4 off the admission price of £7.50.

The cottage and museum are located in the hamlet of Town End, still preserved today:

I love this house, just look at those chimney pots – it’d make a great jigsaw:

A view up the main street:

The view of the cottages from Wordsworth’s back garden:

To prove I was there:

Dove Cottage:

Wordsworth’s front garden:

Afterwards I wandered (lonely as a cloud) around the museum then stopped at the tea room for a pot of tea and a piece of “Grasmere Rush Bearing Gingerbread” (ginger cake to you and me). It was nice to look at the view while listening to Mozart here. Before I left I bought a pot of locally made pear and blueberry jam (jelly).

Back on the road I drove past Thirlmere, an almost empty reservoir, then took a turning away from Keswick to come back to the cottage.

Day 3, the Sunday, was a writing/catch up/chill day. I loaded and edited the photographs taken so far, drafted these blog notes, read a little, played a little, watched a little television, and wrote a little.

10 thoughts on “>Dove Cottage and Wordsworth Museum

  1. carolwarham 28 July 2010 / 9:10 am

    >It all looks as beautiful as ever. Gorgeous photos (beautiful lady in there as well). You are amazing with the ideas you come up with. By the way I got paid for my filler, that's the first payment for publication in over…..many, many years. It was a great feeling.


  2. Diane 28 July 2010 / 9:21 am

    >Thank you very much. And congratulations on the payment. Keep going.


  3. Devon Ellington 28 July 2010 / 12:45 pm

    >Nice reference! ;)Lovely photos. I didn't get to stop there last time I was in the Lake District, so it was great to live it vicariously through you.


  4. Diane 28 July 2010 / 1:49 pm

    >I couldn't resist. ;o)That's why I made a point of stopping this time, because I missed it every other time before. Glad to be of service, ma'am.


  5. Ordinary Man 29 July 2010 / 8:10 am

    >Poser! Great photos though. Wordsworth's house reminds me T.E. Lawrence's cottage 'Clouds Hill' near Bovington, Dorset.


  6. Diane 29 July 2010 / 8:35 am

    >Clouds Hill is very dinky in comparison to … well, anywhere. Took me ages to find the actual spot where he died – didn't realise they'd built a car park there to help.


  7. Ordinary Man 29 July 2010 / 9:01 am

    >If you looking at the memorial in the tank viewing area/car park, look right and follow the muddy path down into the trees/bushs into a dip and you come across a stone that marks the 'actual' spot where he crashed. Found his grave at Moreton cemetery. Found his bike he crashed on in the imperial war museum, some photos are on my FB page.


  8. Diane 29 July 2010 / 9:20 am

    >I think we found it in the end – was a long time ago. I need to go back to Dorset, maybe walk some of the coast path there.Yes, I found quite a few surprising pictures on your Facebook. Ya kept one thing quiet, didn't ya.


  9. Ordinary Man 29 July 2010 / 10:20 am

    >QUIET!! Las Vegas doesn't do quiet. Probably explains why I wasn't on here for a while…a bit busy.


  10. Diane 29 July 2010 / 1:33 pm

    >Las Vegas? Ah, all becomes clear. :o)


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