>Pooley Bridge


On Monday I went out. It was a miserable day but my back and neck ached so much after hunching over the laptop for a whole day (playing games, uploading pictures, writing notes, etc, etc), that I decided to get out and have a look around.

My first stop was Pooley Bridge at the northern tip of Ullswater. The first thing you see when you arrive in this village is a pay and display car park next to the river. If you drive a bit further into the village, though, there are plenty of free car parking spaces for up to 2 hours.

My parking spot was in front of St Paul’s Church:

I wandered back down the main street and landed on a bridge overlooking the River Eamont:

I’m not sure if this river runs into or out of Ullswater Lake, but it certainly runs.

Could this be Duck Island?

Jackdaws and mallards feeding together:

Pooley Bridge:

Feeding the ducks:

This mallard went off in a sulk because I didn’t have any food for her:

I did a bit of shopping in the village, bought some food, a carry mat for sitting on when I’m out walking, and a couple of souvenirs. Then I headed off down to the other end of the lake and Glenridding.

2 thoughts on “>Pooley Bridge

  1. Devon Ellington 29 July 2010 / 12:06 pm

    >So that's what a jackdaw looks like!The church is lovely. I bet it has lots of stories.


  2. Diane 29 July 2010 / 12:11 pm

    >Yup, basically a crow with a grey collar. They're quite funny to watch, though – all the crow family.I didn't visit the church, was always "just dropping by" for something else.


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